Ashley Greene: the Twilight star with a surprise neckline extreme


Published on Dec 13, 2019


On the occasion of the presentation of the film Bombshell directed by Jay Roach, the "Twilight" star Ashley Greene showed off a look that is signed by Ermanno Scervino. Pants black lace-embroidered, in semi-transparency, and adorned with rhinestones, in combination with a top that shows off the neckline, over a white shirt, the classic and immortal, for that touch of femininity.

Greene was accompanied by her husband Paul Khouri, a well-known face for the tv, an australian, who married last year in the woods of the glade, San Jose, California. For that special day, the actress wore a mermaid gown, tailored to her, from the collection of Katie May during the ceremony and then a dress of the Windi Williams – Terns, very fresh with a skirt transparent, decorated with flowers. Although the young couple does not have shared almost nothing of the marriage, it is possible to admire on their social media profiles a few tender snap of their honeymoon.

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We can't fail to note the great change of Ashley, who we all remember as the young vampire, Alice Cullen, from the rakish haircut. Today she sports a hairstyle much more lengthy and sophisticated, and in general the look of a sensual woman and more mature.

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With her at the premiere and on the red carpet at the triad all-female Kidman – Theron – Robbie, the real protagonists of the film, which tells the story of three blondes atomic able to react with courage to continue the abuse and harassment by Roger Alies, at the time president and CEO of the television station Fox News.

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