Arrowverse: this is how you were chosen as the protagonists


Published on Apr 21, 2019


In this season, in fact, viewers are greeted with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Jane the Virgin and iZombie – and next season will see the farewell to Arrow and Supernatural; on the other hand will arrive from the other series, like the Batwoman of Ruby Rose. To make a budget, Entertainment Weekly spoke with casting director David Rapaport to find out why Stephen Amell, Grant Gustin, Melissa Benoist and Nicole Maines were chosen for their respective roles in Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl. Rapaport had already made a name for itself with series such as Gossip Girl and Riverdale, and in fact is currently casting five series, The CW, the two series on Netflix, and a series for the DC Universe. Here's what he told Rapaport actors:

Amell was the first person to be auditioned for the part of Oliver Queen, but Rapaport was already familiar with the actor from a previous project and knew that he had the cards in order to play the character: “they told Me, “we Want someone who looks like a superhero and can act like him.” I had just chosen Stephen [Amell] to 90210, and it was a role quite dramatic. He had muscles, and that look kind of mysterious and dark behind his eyes, and then was the first person I thought of when I read the script of Arrow.

For Barry Allen, the producers were looking for someone who is the exact opposite of Amell: “we Were looking for someone who is sympathetic, someone who was an ordinary man who had been given superpowers, someone a little stupidotto”.

Rapaport was familiar with the work of Gustin in 90210, and Glee: “But every time I met Grant, he seemed a kind and so friendly, a little nerd, charming, and fun. Was the first person that I've heard for the role. I saw him with Emily Bett Rickards, and there was an incredible alchemy”.

For “The Woman of Steel,” the producers were quite specific on what they were looking for – or, more specifically, on who: Jennifer Lawrence: “There is a particular quality in Jennifer Lawrence, an opening, a side of awkward. It is realistic”... “I have known Melissa (Benoist), and she seemed to encapsulate all of these qualities that they were looking for”.

As a man, openly gay, one of the most rewarding that Rapaport has been as casting director was to put the actors LGBTQ roles LGBTQ: “One of the reasons why I wanted to work with Greg Berlanti, a producer openly gay, he was working on projects that highlighted the characters and plot lines LGBTQ”. When there was the casting for the Nia Nal/Dreamer of Supergirl, Rapaport has had the opportunity to launch the first superhero transgender television in a regular role in the series – a responsibility that is not taken lightly and that took time: “I was afraid because I wanted to do it well. Nicole Maines is from Maine, so it took a while to find the character. But this was a great opportunity to tell an incredible story, and Nicole is a great actress and an activist. Is a true hero to me.”

Arrowverse: this is how you were chosen as the actors of




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