Arrow: the original plan did not anticipate Felicity


Published on Dec 01, 2019


Marc Guggenheim has posted the notes for the first draft of the pilot episode of Arrow, to commemorate the last day of filming of the series.

The notes, which refer to the series with the name "The Hunter", introducing Oliver Queen and other crucial characters that will be very familiar to fans of Arrow. Dated September 2011, the notes describe characters such as Thea Queen, detective Quentin Lance almost exactly as they have actually been represented in the series.

However,these original plans refers to a character named Stanley Dover, described as a computer genius, brilliant and eccentric. In the end, that character never appeared in the pilot or in subsequent seasons, at least not as described.

With regard to other elements present in the annotations, these are very close to the pilot which aired in 2012: the first page features Oliver Queen on the remote island of Lian Yu.

At 11:30 pm (PST) today, we begin the last day of filming on #Arrow. It's been quite the journey.

This morning, I took a little stroll down memory lane and looked at @GBerlanti''s and my notes for our original pitch. So interesting to see what changed.

And what didn't.

— Marc Guggenheim (@mguggenheim) August 13, 2019

The loyal fans of Arrow may, however, realize that Having to in the end appeared in the Arrowverse: the actor Brendan Fletcher played a villain named Stanley Dover in season 7, very far from the friendly expert computer indicated in the notes of the pilot.

On the basis of the description of Dover, it seems that the showrunner has, however, chosen not to include in the series the character, instead opting for the creation of different characters that covered it the role. In particular, the role of the computer genius was played by Felicity Smoak, who has finally married Oliver Queen.

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