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Published on Dec 04, 2019


In the episode of the last week of the Arrow – our review HERE – Oliver and Laurel had been catapulted into an alternate reality where they had lived imprisoned in a real time loop of a series of tragic loss of not ever succeeding to avoid them.

Was the punishment, or lesson, of the Monitor, to be imposed to the two for having doubted, not only of the missions assigned to them but also of his own nature, considered for a moment not the one who is preparing the heroes of the Crisis, even with a plan, inexplicable, but one that is accelerating.

Purgatory, this week's episode, it resumes exactly where it ended the previous one: Oliver and Laurel wake up on Lian Yu and there are all the Team Arrow.

Lyla explains to the group that their task is to build a weapon for the Monitor with the various artifacts recovered previously. The only missing component, however, is the famous plutonium stolen in Byalia by John and Roy.

Oliver confesses to My and William that the Monitor has predicted that they will not survive the Crisis while Lyla confesses to John that, years earlier, the Monitor has mysteriously saved during a mission.

Just when the plane is driven by Dinah with Renee and Roy inside is about to land is knocked down. The island is not uninhabited. Team Arrow is divided to retrieve the survivors and plutonium, discovering that they are facing... of the ghosts.

To pay the greater consequences will be, however, Roy and William once you have completed the assembly of the weapon will discover the fundamental role of one of the component of the team. Once again the plans of the Monitor are far from clear.

To be made the prelude to the event that crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths, this Purgatory is definitely an episode that can be defined as anticlimatico.

The return on the island tries to pay homage to the first season of the series but without too much conviction, and with the director, James Bamford that really makes everything to revive, with the only real action scene presents itself to half the stake, the feeble pace of an episode that leans in a little impact on the component drama.

The episode manages to establish the right balance, the right tension, between the demands related to the imminent crossover – with the entire plot focuses on the “revelation” concerning Lyla – and those of a farewell to the series, with comparisons between Oliver both with children and with other characters in the final part of the episode.

Purgatory is an episode from the exhaust, that will certainly not offer the quid more in anticipation of the crossover. It is really singular that the showrunner and writers, came back in this eighth season, have not managed to keep the tension high, making it literally expires in a few episodes, and especially having to offer a limited number of what that would have to facilitate the task.

At this point, however, it is useless to reason too much because the Crisis on Infinite Earths is coming to Arrow really must say goodbye. The rest, over the episode linked to the crossover, the other two episodes that is the real series finale and the episode that will serve as the backdoor pilot for the series spin-offs set in the Star City of 2040.


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