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Published on Nov 27, 2019


The episode of the last week of the Arrow – our review HERE – had seen the Team Arrow and Team Arrow 2040 travel to Russia in search of a generator of waves that, along with a dose of plutonium – recovered from Diggle in Byalia thanks to the precious help of Roy Harper, would have allowed him to replicate the energy that had destroyed Earth-2.

In order to retrieve the weapon, Oliver, Mia and William had had to face not only the Bratva, but also the possible betrayal of Laurel, which, as we know, had received from Monitor a tempting offer: to restore Earth-2, in exchange for the betrayal of Oliver.

The episode had ended with a shot of the scene Laurel had revealed himself to Diggle and the rest of Team Arrow that Lyla was she in the service of the Monitor.

This week's episode, titled Reset, it begins with Oliver waking up late for a charity gala in the presence of the mayor... Quentin Lance!

It is obvious that the Monitor is punishing Oliver, because every time you try to save – again – the friend is catapulted back in time experiencing a time loop. But Oliver is not the only one Laurel is the protagonist of this time warp.

Lyla seems to be aware of the amazing scenery and tries to warn Oliver about the dangers of the road taken. While not being able to explain the reasons of the Monitor all of the missions heretofore assigned to him have a very precise purpose.

Laurel, instead, will have to again deal with the loss of his father.

When the two will finally break the loop you will awaken in a place sadly known mainly for Oliver...

The structure of the Reset is similar to that of Edge of Tomorrow sci-fi movie released a few years ago with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. It is not the first time that the TV series “take early” scenarios film by giving them some and this episode is no less, with showrunner and writers that the bend in the favor of the narrative of the season.

There is, however, important to underline how the formula works well only in the first half hour being then a little bit stale in the course of minutes, weighted by a component of drama so obvious how necessary having regard to the three main characters involved in the episode.

David Ramsey – Diggle – his directorial debut with an episode all in all, well-paced, devoid of burrs, and has a couple of action scenes, simple but well-filmed in the style that has characterized the series in the last few seasons.

With this episode of Arrow returns on shores a distinctly sci-fi, the same that had made it the very enjoyable the first few episodes, moving away once again from his traditional style, and showing how in substance this eighth and final season features only and exclusively in function of the event crossover already at the door.

Specifically, this sixth episode does not advance the plots, but it nevertheless begins to see the contours, the horizon in anticipation precisely of the crossover. Ultimately, you have to start to close them, and this episode seems to be quite a long prologue to a series of episodes that the event crossover, the backdoor pilot of the series set in 2040, will lead to the closure of the series.

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