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Published on Oct 30, 2019


The episode last week Arrow had confirmed that, in fact, the narrative structure of this eighth and final season which sees then engaged Oliver in a series of missions around the world to recover some artifacts for the account of the Monitor – our review HERE.

Specifically, the episode of the last week had seen Oliver retrieve the dangerous virus Alpha/Omega, and this, joined to the encounter with the old ally Katana, he decided to ask about the real intentions of the mysterious figure of cosmic time from deciding to seek more information on him.

With in mind the fact that it is a be out of the ordinary, Oliver had decided to go to Nanda Parbat, one of the oldest places of the Earth, in search of answers.

Of course the first meeting with the sister Thea still engaged in the mission related to the destruction of the Wells of Lazarus and Thanathos Guild. The two then track down Talia Al Ghul, getting you a valuable clues: the first Ras Al Ghul said it had been blessed by a god of cosmic knowledge... that is Mar Novu?

Diggle was in Hong Kong, where Lyla gives him a mission in Kasnia related to Bronze Tiger. John is still reeling from having seen a whole world fade away and communicates his fears to his wife.

In the Star City of 2040 starts to become more and more clear the plan of JJ and the gang of Deathstroke the terminator: keep the divided city, killing the supporters of the unification.

The research of the information of Oliver is met with the power-games of Talia for control of what remains of the League of Assassins while Team Arrow 2040 is to undergo his first dramatic loss.

While Oliver understands that the Monitor may not want to prevent the Crisis, but speed it up there will be a new incredible encounter.

The proven formula in the first two episodes save this third episode, Leap of Faith, less time before, and owes its success to both the action scenes well-choreographed that the unexpected final.

The idea to bring Oliver to Nanda Parbat creaked since last week and, in fact, the spectral information on the Monitor is lost in a plot at times confusing that it serves to reintroduce, and to give the right greeting to Thea and Talia with the always beautiful and convincing Willa Holland.

Let's say that the mission of the week is less convincing than that of the previous as well as the one that involves John and Lyla, injected one-component drama unusual, especially for the character of Diggle, in preparation to develop the subplot of the alliance between the Lyla and the Monitor as well as saw it last week briefly.

In contrast, despite taking a lot of space on the screen, the plot in prolessi takes on connotations which are finally more concrete with the unexpected final scene that is intriguing and not a little.

Close to the halfway point Arrow still seems to want to cut out a space more personal to develop plots ideally less connected to the event that crossover, however, in the first two episodes of this appearance had given more focus to the episodes with respect to this third: an approach to the half-way might be the most righteous and compelling.

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