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Published on Oct 16, 2019


It seems almost surreal and yet, there we are: Arrow is now in its last season, the eighth. The flagship of what is now the Arrowverse will close its run – compelling in the early seasons, and at times extremely cumbersome over the last few years – will close its run with 10 episodes that are modified directly with the highly anticipated event crossover, Crisis on Earth-Infinite in arrival in December.

The right choice bearing in mind where we left off the series with the season finale of the last season – our review HERE – in which Oliver and Team Arrow had saved Star City from the threat of the Ninth Circle, a threat that had forced Oliver and Felicity to a forced exile to protect their child in arrival. The decision was immediately disturbed by the arrival of the Monitor that had predicted the key role of Oliver in the Crisis and his sacrifice.

The past season was, in the final, although with some fall in saline, one of the best in the series, and acts also to some aspects as a true final season saw the farewell felt by the main themes and some of the characters in the last episode.

From here starts the season premiere of the eighth season, titled Starling City.

We suddenly return to the home of Oliver from the Island. Moira, Malcolm, Tommy is alive but something is not right, some small details, and soon discover that Oliver is on a parallel earth, one of the Black Siren.

Oliver was sent there by the Monitor, on a mission to recover the remains of a dwarf star in the hands of the Queen-Merlyn Industries, however, the mission will not be easy, because on his road you will fend a new Dark Archer.

While Oliver struggles with having to face so many known faces, who thought to have lost forever arrives on this earth, even Diggle. The two manage to bring to fulfilment the mission, but the price will be very high: the imminent Crisis begins to claim victims, and that is whole worlds.

There is also space to make a small jump in the Star City of 2040, where the Team Arrow 2.0 is going through not a few difficulties in finding the amalgam and to protect the city.

Starling City is a season premiere, punctual that comes immediately to the hard setting from the beginning the tone of this last season.

On the one hand the mission of Oliver, agent of the Monitor, the impending Crisis, give to the series an unusual tone distinctly cartoony and sci-fi on the other hand that may be the formula of the “subject” of the episodes provides dynamism and allows, if it were still needed, to the series of revisiting it from a different point of view, situation and characters like you did with the Dark Archer.

It is clear that we should wait until the last minutes of the episode for the reward “comic” that does nothing but increase the wait for the crossover.

The only note less convincing is the return to Star City for the year 2040 that there is a real need, it seems a duty for the showrunner and the writers in view of a probable spin-off. Let's just hope that they are not taken precious minutes to the main events.

Is also excellent, and the direction entrusted to the expert James Bamford who does not hesitate, as always, the action scenes well choreographed to give the right push with a script linear, but still efficient.

Arrow 8 begins certainly with the right gear once again showing why, in good and in evil, it is the flagship series of an entire narrative universe and the television.

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