Arrow 8: Willa Holland goes back as Thea Queen


Published on Sep 19, 2019


As reported by TV Line, Willa Holland will return in the role of Thea Queen, with a recurring role on the last season of Arrow: it is not clear how the character will fit in the plots, but Thea (the game with Roy at the end of the sixth season to destroy all the Wells of Lazarus), is ready to return, in view of the imminent death of Oliver.

“We are excited to have Willa for the last season,” says showrunner Beth Schwartz “The last time we saw Thea was in the sixth season, where it started with Roy Harper in search of more Wells of Lazarus all over the world to destroy. In the seventh season, we learned from Roy the different paths subsequently taken by the two, and, hopefully, we will have more details on what happened when you go in this eighth season“.

Rila Fukushima will be like the Katana; Susanna Thompson will reprise the role of Moira Queen, Oliver's mother. To confirm the latter presence the producer Marc Guggenheim; his appearance will be most likely related to the crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths, interpreting the alternative version of the character coming from another earth. The same Guggenheim defined in the Green Arrow TV the event as “a love letter to the series”.

Confirmed as a regular of the series, the protagonists of the narration from the future, Katherine McNamara, Joseph David-Jones and Ben Lewis, respectively, as My Smoak, Connor Hawke, and William Clayton. The actors are added to the already well-known cast consisting of Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen), David Ramsey (John Diggle), Rick Gonzalez (Wild Dog), Juliana Harkavy (Black Canary) and Katie Cassidy (Black Siren). To interpret the child's post – Flashpoint of Lyla and Diggle, as well as, in the future, the leader of the gang of Deathstroke, JJ, John Diggle, Jr., instead it will be Charlie Barnett (recently starring in the critically acclaimed series, Netflix Russian Dolls).

These are the first pictures from the premiere of the eighth and last season of Arrow, which will show the return of historical characters such as Tommy and Moira Queen and the costumes of Oliver, Laurel and Diggle.

Saw the return of the characters and the setting of the photo, it is likely that the meeting of Oliver with Tommy and Moira is a kind of dream, or something caused by the Monitor (as well as act as a tribute to this last season of the whole series). To come back, Yao Fei Gulong, the first master of Oliver during his first period of stay in Lian Yu, once again played by Byron Mann. View of his death, it is not clear yet if he will come back in the form of memory, flashback, or as a character of another Earth taken from the crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths.

“It seems to all that this is the right time to conclude the series, but don't realize until you finished the script of the last episode,” explained Schwartz tells Entertainment Tonight “I have a feeling that there will be many tears, both for spectators and for all of us, the last day on set. There will be a new intro, as well as success in the last season. But this will be the last”.

The premiere of the eighth season is scheduled for October 15 on The CW.

Arrow 8: Willa Holland goes back as Thea Queen is




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