Arrow 8: the relationship between Oliver and Diggle will still be more tight


Published on Aug 14, 2019


The eighth season will conclude the long ride tv Oliver Queen, and will do so by exploring the relationship between the hero and his historic ally, John Diggle. Talking about it,actor David Ramsey during the panel dedicated to the Arrow of the Television Critics Association press tour.

“The previous misunderstandings have been completely overcome, I can say this with certainty, so how can I say that in the end, Diggle has always been the part of Oliver, and this will not change in the last season,” says David Ramsey, “The report, precisely to the difficulties faced, has become even more narrow and you will be able to explore this strong bond between the two since the early episodes. These two boys have never been so connected”.

The role of Diggle promises to be important both for the narration of the present, in view of the maxi-crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths, in the future, when it will be explored the relationship between his two sons, one foster-Connor Hawke (Joseph David-Jones) and the biological one, John Diggle, Jr.

Confirmed as a regular of the series, the protagonists of the narration from the future, Katherine McNamara, Joseph David-Jones and Ben Lewis, respectively, as My Smoak, Connor Hawke, and William Clayton. The actors are added to the already well-known cast consisting of Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen), David Ramsey (John Diggle), Rick Gonzalez (Wild Dog), Juliana Harkavy (Black Canary) and Katie Cassidy (Black Siren). To interpret the child's post – Flashpoint of Lyla and Diggle, as well as, in the future, the leader of the gang of Deathstroke, JJ, John Diggle, Jr., instead it will be Charlie Barnett (recently starring in the critically acclaimed series, Netflix Russian Dolls).

Rila Fukushima will be like the Katana; Susanna Thompson will reprise the role of Moira Queen, Oliver's mother. To confirm the latter presence the producer Marc Guggenheim; his appearance will be most likely related to the crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths, interpreting the alternative version of the character coming from another earth. The same Guggenheim defined in the Green Arrow TV the event as “a love letter to the series”.

Those who are not present, instead, Colton Haynes, previously confirmed as a regular. To reveal the executive producer, Ben Schwartz during the recent TCA press tour. “We hope to come back soon, let us adore him, and his character is very important to the series”

“Since we began planning the eighth season, we all knew that would be the last: he knew Greg (Berlanti), he knew Stephen (Amell), and I knew I also. If everyone is talking about it, the project ends up being concrete, it was a logical decision. The good news is that, unlike de The Throne of Swords or Lost, we do not have to answer any question: we do not have the weight of deciding who will sit on the iron Throne, nor to define what really is an island, so it will be a final much more focused on the characters. We know what you should and must do, and therefore we may do the words of the producer Marc Guggenheim to the ComicBook.

The premiere of the final season is scheduled for 15 October.These, however, the dates of the crossover:

Arrow 8: the relationship between Oliver and Diggle will still be closer to




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