Arrow 8: Stephen Amell comments on the absence of Felicity


Published on Aug 01, 2019


The star of Arrow Stephen Amell has shared on social media on Wednesday that they have officially completed the filming of the premiere of season 8, entitled “Starling City“. This means that there are only nine more episodes to shoot for the series at The CW for a final season that will be exciting. But it will not be only exciting because the show is coming to an end, but also because the final season will be without one of the most beloved characters of the show and Amell the absence of Rickards is one thing that makes him sad.

Speaking with ET at Comic-con in San Diego last weekend, Amell said that there are no plans of which it has knowledge, for a return of Rickards as Felicity, and it is a reality that leaves the show different from how we knew him.

“Actually I sent a sms when I was on the plane to Vancouver last week and I wrote that I was sad,” said Amell. “The show is different, in large part because she is no longer with us. Is different”.

Rickards is currently following other career opportunities, and Amell said that, even if he is missing, is also very proud of her and has no intention of going to see the theatre show Reborning.

“He is living his life better. I am so proud of her. I will see her acting next Saturday. Looking good. We miss him very much.”

However, fans still hope that the actress will return as Felicity before the series ends, and it is something that there still seems to be, as said by the president of The CW Mark Pedowitz to may:

“Emily has been fantastic in the show and believe that Beth Schwartz has done a great job in the conclusion of his storyline last year,” said Pedowitz. “If Beth can't find a way to bring her back with a justification, and Emily is available, we would love to see her again. Otherwise, I like how they said goodbye to the character.”

The same as Rickards said, “never say never”, even if the decision is not completely in his hands.

The last season of Arrow will begin Tuesday, October 15th on The CW.

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