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Published on Dec 11, 2018


It was started yesterday with the ninth episode of The Flash – our review HERE – the highly anticipated crossover, the annual of the Arrowverse, called Elseworlds. Barry and Oliver was awakened to the one in the life of the other, and hardly were able to convince the Team Flash of anomaly; in the meantime, the two had reached the Earth-38 looking for the help of Supergirl and finding also that of her cousin Superman: the four heroes were returned to Earth-1 to defeat a dangerous robot capable of replicate any power meta-human.

At this juncture, thanks to the powers of the Cisco, they were able to identify and locate the possible responsible of the anomaly in Gotham, the three heroes were then I decided to do a small trip.

Elseworlds 2 coincides with the ninth episode of Arrow. The series the mother of the Arrowverse is going through an excellent moment of form, and finished with the excellent of the brackets had seen Oliver locked up in a maximum security prison, we left off with the episode of last week – our review HERE – with some important revelations, the identity of the fake Green Arrow that raged on the streets of Star City, and with a drastic change for Oliver as the Green Arrow after you have publicly shown without a mask and was in fact “employed” by the Police Department through Dinah.

In the Elseworlds 2, the visit of Barry, Oliver, and Kara to Gotham of course, it will not be easy by putting himself immediately in trouble and being pulled out of jail (!) from the mysterious Kate Kane. Meanwhile, at Star City, Team Arrow and Team Flash investigate the mysterious lightning storms, and red clouds that hover over the city, Felicity discovers that the disturbances in the weather, in reality, are attempts to breach the dimensional.

While the three heroes are put to the search of the man seen together with the mysterious individual coming to the sinister Arkham Asylum and by the knowledge of John Deegan, the respective Team discover that the breaches are attempts to give a warning to the Flash from another Earth, which indicates that the key to the mystery is in the book that Deegan and another individual shared.

The group will, however, face a revolt of the mass caused by the escape of Deegan helped by the mysterious Batwoman. In the meantime, the Flash of a parallel Earth will finally clarity on what is happening by introducing a very dangerous enemy: Mar Vu, the Monitor, with the intention to test the reality in anticipation of a “crisis” of the impending Multiverse.

Barry and Oliver will learn immediately how difficult it is to fight an enemy that is capable of rewriting the reality...

Elseworlds 2 is an excellent second act of the crossover, demonstrating that also the intrinsic strength under different points of view.

Compared to the first act, maybe this second is suffering from a lightweight compression using the same cloth, with a first part devoted to comic relief, but fortunately without overdoing it, and a second part that turns to a tone more dark, embracing as well the setting of Gotham, an extremely decadent, almost dystopian.

Showrunner and writers marciano a bit too much on the disorientation of the heroes caused by the situation by firing the cartridges in the second part of the episode, where from one side the director James Bamford is enhanced with the most classic of the riots at Arkham crafting also of the discrete action scenes – from the manual the one with the protagonist Diggle – while on the other, because of the other Flash – the ’90s portrayed by John Wesley Shipp always on time – is finally made clear about the threat with the great cliffhanger ending.

The spotlight of the public were focused on this episode for the introduction of Batwoman, the introduction to the effect, but perhaps a little too “dismissive”. Ruby Rose is a great, dark, Batwoman, perhaps, a less convincing than Kate Kane.

Also Elseworlds 2 is an orgasm of easter-egg references and perhaps less dramatic than the first part but that will make the joy of all the fans DC.

Another point in favor of the episode is undoubtedly the mature both in the comparison between Barry and Oliver like-minded the one in the other's shoes, with Oliver, who admits he underestimated the courage of the ally that is not only his powers as instead then eventually dates escape in the previous episode, and especially – in a way that is completely unexpected to have nearly solved the crisis between Oliver and Felicity with which it was concluded the episode of the last week of the Arrow – so much the better, probably the showrunner and writers have noticed that the road beyond was already beaten would not have brought anything to the series, if not other times mawkish.

All we can do is to wait for the third and final act of the crossover with the episode Supergirl expected this evening in the USA, hoping to have a conclusion worthy of what has been done so far.

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