Arrives on iPhone and iPad the new Football Manager Mobile 2017


Published on Nov 17, 2016


And’ arrived on the App Store the new Football Manager Mobile 2017 targato SEGA. In this game we will be able to manage our team of the heart directly from the iPhone and iPad. Let's find out together.

Football Manager Mobile 2017 is a game for iOS that enables us to manage our football team of the heart along the different seasons. The basic idea of the game is to provide users with the ability to play in mobility, so even in travel, or in the moments of pause of the day.

“Sit on the bench of one of the teams coming from 15 different countries, including the most important championships in Europe. You run to the transfer market, tactics, who will be the owner and who will warm the bench. It is up to you to make that players, managers and fans are happy. But to do so, you will need to carry the team to victory.” – it says in the description on the App Store.

This year there are several changes in the managerial game. First of all there are new leagues (Poland and Turkey), there are several improvements in the user interface and a new system for the observers. Also get some transfer options additional such as for example the loan with right of redemption and the variables related to work permits. Finally, we can also handle the “moral” of the team as we will be able to fine the players undisciplined that they behave badly and who collect red cards.

The game weighs approximately 785 MB, is localized in Italian and requires iOS 5.1.1 or later to work, even on devices older then. If you are interested, Football Manager Mobile 2017 is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on the App Store at a price of 8,99€. There are some in-app purchases are additional. You can download it from this address.

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