Arrives in Italy the board game of Breaking Bad to celebrate the 10 years of the TV series!

Published on Apr 27, 2018

Breaking Bad is the new table game, published by Pendragon, which will finally lead in Italy, the stories and the atmosphere of the TV series the most fortunate of the last few years, one show that has managed to mix real life, fantasy, crime, and spirituality!

3 to 8 players, set in Albuquerque, the board game of Breaking Bad, in fact, allows to be able to play the role of the protagonists of the most well-known of the cult series that this year celebrates the tenth anniversary of the first airing.

Players will be divided into four factions: the Dea, led by Hank, Los Pollos Hermanos with Gus, the stainless Walter White and Jessy Pinkman, team Heisenberg and, finally, the Sign of Suarez with Tuco.

The latter is the more particular: when he plays no one else has to look him in the eye otherwise suffers a malus.

Breaking Bad is essentially a game of cards.

Before us we have the tab of our character: everyone has a lot of skill, and an amount of hit points; each faction has a deck of cards is different from that of the other.

At every turn you can use the cards of their hand to create workshops, to bring you the chemicals, to produce BlueSky and sell it, but also to engage in the shootouts with opponents.

The cops will try to block the activities of the other players: they can close the clandestine laboratories and place them under surveillance, thus, the slightest mistake, they will suffer the penalty. In short, they will do what they do best: spoil the party!

One important thing to take into consideration is the serious danger of the elimination of the player.

It can in fact happen that someone is killed and is forced to stay out of the game for the rest of the game, which can last up to two and a half hours. Then, it will be important to stay alive!

In addition to healthy fun playful board game of Breaking Bad if played with the right group, will offer players an incredible identification with his character, laughter and moments amarcord, with a complete experience that will make rivieras the best moments of the TV series.

Tell the truth, is already building in you the desire to play it true?

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