Arrested Rodrigo Alves Ken human, columnist Barbara D'urso: ‘he Had...


Published on Oct 11, 2018


Rodrigo Alves, famous all over the world to be the Ken of Human, has been arrested by the German police, here's what has combined

A bad blow to the Ken Human, Rodrigo Alves, a protégé of Barbara D'urso. The man, famous for having completely changed with the surgery, her body has been stopped by the police of Berlin.

Barbara D'urso lost one of its opinion-makers favorite? Rodrigo Alves, Ken the human apparently had problems with the law. The reason for this? The photograph on the identity document does not correspond to its physical appearance. The German Police could not pretend anything. The same Alves a few hours after said wing press:

"They have discovered that don't look the same in the photo of the identity card, now I have to go to the embassy to get the identity documents, otherwise I can not go back to London"

A bad tile to the Ken human will have to give up to its many commitments.

A few hours ago, the brazilian has, however, clarified to be, however, was immediately released by the police, and returned to freedom a few hours later. The arrest was only one thing formal, the police, security measures, anti-terrorism is required to make controls tight, and to make decisions such as these.

The safety of the citizens first of all. Alves made another experience: you will have learned something? Maybe change his body from top to bottom was not a good idea, not only in terms of money but also and especially with regard to its true identity, now ever more confused.

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