Arnold Schwarzenegger brings the Robots in the Court


Published on Mar 05, 2020


Arnold Schwarzenegger has sued a manufacturer of Russian robots for over 10 million dollars for having used his image and his voice on one of his creations, this is what brings the always well-informed american website gossip TMZ. The actor of Terminator has not given his permission to Promobot to use his physical traits to the robot, which is used in the occasion of public events to promote its Android Robo-C.

The skin is very realistic, its recognisable jaw carved and the typical black hair of Schwarzy: the double is used to show how the company can customize the service robot in such a way that they appear similar to a person with knowledge of the customer. In the summons filed in Court states that: “Such activity diminishes his well-deserved reputation as one of the biggest stars of the cinema”.

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The star of the austrian Hollywood would have had to pose for a photo with the robot, which is only composed of the head and shoulders, in St Petersberg in 2019, but she refused. That said, Promobot has continued to use it, even during the conference, the Consumer Technology Association (CES) in Las Vegas in January.

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The lawyer, Schwarzenegger has sent a letter claiming to desist promoting their product with the face of the celebrity. The company has replied that he would have stopped using the robot, but again was used at Toy Fair in New York at the end of February, pushing the lawyers of the plaintiff to ask for a compensation of $ 10 million (£ 7.7 million).

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