Army of Darkness: arrives tomorrow on Amazon the collector's edition Blu-ray and DVD ever!

Published on Mar 07, 2018

Then idiots primitive, sturatevi ears!

Do you see this? This is The Army of Darkness – Midnight Classics Limited Edition!

Is the special edition Blu-ray and DVD that Midnight Factory dedicated to the memorable film Sam Raimi, definitely better than a Remington double-barrel, 12-gauge!

Find it starting tomorrow, march 8 on the rider, perhaps the best gift that you could do to your mother or to your girlfriend on the occasion of the international women's day!

This adorable and unmissable edition of the horror classic, the cornerstone of the universe de La Casa, costa 70,69 euro, the best money you can spend!

Contains 7 discs, a booklet, exclusive and a replica of the Necronomicon with the original boards designed by Tom Sullivan and you can find it on Amazon!

Do you understand?!

Forgive the first televenditore consumed, but I couldn't let myself miss the opportunity to quote the legendary Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell), and, at the same time, announce the release of a treat for collectors: The Army of Darkness – Midnight Classics Limited Edition, the special box set in a limited edition dedicated to the cult film Army of Darkness, which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary.

This exclusive collector's edition will contain:

I think, in all frankness, that it does not serve to add to say anything else!

Ash, a young american, for events that magical throwback in time to the Middle Ages, is catapulted with his car in a castle and chained together to the king, Henry the Red with some of his warriors.

Won after a struggle, the frightening, the monstrous beings of the great pit, and because it may also be that Chosen by the Heaven according to the beliefs attested to by the wise old man's local, Ash is sent to a distant cemetery to retrieve the “Necronomicon” (the book of the dead), containing the formulas mysterious whose possession is indispensable to overcome the forces of evil.

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