ARMS, revealed the complete cast of the voice actors for japanese characters

Published on Jan 07, 2018

Nintendo has since a few weeks announced that it will not issue any more additional content for ARMS. The roster of wrestlers has been closed since the last female character added to the end of December.

For those who want to know the names of the actors who have lent a voice to the various characters in the game, Nintendo posted on Twitter the list of the voice actors.


— ARMS(アームズ) (@ARMS_Cobutter) January 5, 2018

If probably to most of us westerners, these names do not evoke anything, some of these actors and artists are quite famous in Japan because they have lent her voice to many anime or have appeared in several films, as in the case of Kenji Takahashi (Ninjara), who has worked as a voice actor in the series Bleach.

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