Arisa to True reveals what she wanted to do in the final of the Sanremo 2019


Published on Feb 15, 2019


Last week was on the stage of the Ariston theatre for the final of the Festival, an evening that Arisa will not forget easily saw that it was really bad. Tomorrow will see True. In the episode aired on February 15, 2019, the singer recounts in the living room of Silvia University how it went this edition of the Festival and also what happened on the final evening, when took to the stage with 39 of fever and could barely sing his song until the end.

The public, last Saturday, he immediately realized that Arisa was happening. The singer never misses a note and has a voice impeccable. On the final evening of the Sanremo 2019, however, Arisa was terrible and his performance on stage has suffered. Here's what she tells the singer in the studio Verissimo:

The last evening I had a 39 fever, but no one has asked me if I wanted to stay in bed because I would have answered yes...but duty is duty. I am very grateful of how the public has accepted this thing and I am always puzzled by the love that I realize that I have around.

Arisa said the victory of Mahmood:

I think it was a victory for the right. I talked with him and I found his song a true, new, and that reflects what is happening in the world at this time. I am very happy to have won and I wish him even to triumph in the Eurovision.

Could not miss even a question about all the controversy that we have been in these days, after the victory of Mahmood, and the second place of the Last. Here's what he thinks Arisa of the televoting:

I think that the vote should be split in three parts, as it is already now. It is perfect as well. You have to give space to all the components and I think that in this Festival there was democracy, more than you think.

Appointment tomorrow, on Channel 5, with the episode of "True" and the full interview with Arisa. Always in the episode of tomorrow, there will be a veteran at the Festival, Anna Tatangelo ( read the interview here) .

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