Arisa and the pounds: “I'm like Bridget Jones on the stationary bike”


Published on Jul 30, 2019


Arisa has decided to open his heart and tell of the emotions experienced in the last period to the people who follow it always with great affection. He speaks of his private life, in particular the physical form that it comes and goes, of the phrases that you whisper in those circumstances, the desire to prove something to someone...Who we really are and what we want? Are some of the questions that arises Arisa, who also speaks of his “obsession”, but only at times, for the diet and the physical form. He did it with the irony that distinguishes always, but his message, if read in the right way, is very significant.

Here's what she said the singer on the social in a long vent:

“I, I exaggerate a single thing that then give up because of exhaustion. I'll give you an example... about diet... There are long periods in which she can see me beautiful out and be satisfied with my femininity, I try to keep a diet is impeccable”

And still:

I pass in front of pizzas, pizzas, cakes etc and I always say: ‘No thanks, I prefer boiled chicken’... But who would believe it? I am Fussy and my mother is the sorceress of the kitchen. If you grow up in a place where every day bless the food you can forget about it so... Why do we need to enter in a pair of jeans”.

The singer, who he also compares Bridget Jones says:

“Then the same day in which the balance score 53 kg, after months and months of the regime, and part of the first package of Pan di Stelle... Then a pizza there is, and, why not, even a beer. Last year, in the space of two months (October-November) I was able to gain 13 kg. With all the products I have in the bathroom for hair care, I can open a salon hairstyle. Creams, balms, oils for shine and split ends...”.

And it also shows on the social images of the many changes, such as, for example, its latest choice of look that provides hair totally shaved. Arisa she then shared the many messages that have arrived, messages with the stories of ordinary people who daily face the same obstacles.

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