Arianna, David, and anorexia, the story in the Morning 5: “loneliness has me destroyed”


Published on Feb 20, 2020


This morning, Thursday 20 February 2020, was aired a new episode in the Morning 5 on Channel 5. In connection with Federica Panicucci for this new appointment with his program also Arianna David. The woman has had the opportunity to talk about a very difficult period and the darkness of his life. David has told the public the Morning of 5 its history and the problems with anorexia. “You can save, you save. I am the example,” said the former Miss Italy in the tv programme of Channel 5. “It is also true that it remains within”, however, said Arianna David in link.

“I have noticed that when I have problems my personal, when I have a relapse my personal, when I have things happen that are not good I pour it all back the stress on the food almost not eating,” said Arianna David. “Known that anyway, as far as I healed, I always come back to this, this monster in front of her eyes” so has told Federica Panicucci. David has also said that if he knows that he should go out to dinner, you prepare a week before. “The rock the harder it is on Sunday when I say ‘let's go out to dinner’. I sometimes I quarrel with my husband because I don't like to go out to dinner. To me creates stress, it creates anxiety. I live badly this thing, however, at the same time I want to send a positive message. I'm not sick anymore, however, a way definitely wrong to feed me but my body does not do miss the nutrients right,” said Ariadne in the Morning 5.

For Arianna David, sensitivity is something very important in the fight against anorexia. “I thought I was a strong woman and I have a feeling so strong that whatever happens to me I unfortunately do it again in the same mistake,” said the former Miss Italy in connection with the Panicucci in the Morning 5. “Today, I have a husband and have children, but I was alone... Because I when I suffered from anorexia I was alone. I didn't have nobody helping me and following me. It is really very sad and bad. I get very excited when I think about it because I had a huge suffering,” said the woman, visibly excited.

“I had no one. It seems as if you didn't realize that I was wrong-and it is the truth and this is what got me killed. I sometimes I look in the mirror and say: ‘you are really strong, not is that you are only weak because, otherwise, today, here, there would have been’. But I arrived to weigh 39 kg,” said the David in the Morning 5. “I'll never forget, I looked in the mirror and I saw myself as fat. I had no one telling me that I was evil. The loneliness has me destroyed,” said Arianna, who then apologized for having told of things that are a bit strong. Federica Panicucci has instead told the woman that must not apologize for anything.

A story very strong and an important message to Arianna David in the Morning 5.

Arianna and her suffering, thinking back to his battle against anorexia#Mattino5

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