Arianna Cirrincione and Andrea Cerioli: dedication of love to silence all


Published on Jun 25, 2019


With a song of Vasco Rossi, Arianna Cirrincione has silenced all the voices that wanted away from her and Andrea Cerioli. In the last days, after rumors on social, someone had suggested that the two of them had left and the fact that neither the former suitor in the handsome Andrew had had the opportunity to comment on, had in some way worry about all the fans of the couple. Yesterday evening, however, came the photos of Arianna embraced her, Andrea, and the words of love that everyone would want to read. Or better almost all seen that there are those who still hopes that the two will leave, and that Andrea lathes on the square! But you know, the ladies are vicious and often do not cheer for love!

” Come here, You for me You say whispering I Love you🍀❤️ ” it is this dedication that Arianna has made to his Andrea on social.

Amedeo Venza that had been the one who had spoken of this rupture, ragged him by those who said that he had told lies, said:

“The calm after the storm. Crisis overcome for Andrea Cerioli and Arianna Cirrincione. [..] Inform yourself before speaking. Andrew and Arianna were left over from a week. Let's say that it would be nice if the confirming that. I'm happy for them that they have exceeded everything!”

Of course, as it says in Amadeus, only if the two want to do it, always that is true, can explain if they have really dealt with this crisis. Today, however, back to the serene, and then, perhaps, better not to look back. For the moment, so all is well that ends well!

The two apparently are very busy with work and also for this, perhaps, you are seen less in the last period. In any case, as said earlier, you will be the only ones to tell us what happened, if they want!

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