ARFestival 2019, all of the news and the details of the V edition


Published on May 22, 2019


From 24 to 26 may will take place the fifth edition of the festival completely dedicated to the art of comics, organized by the five “arfers” Daniel “Gud” Bonomo, Paul, “Ottokin” Bell, Stephen “S3Keno” Small, Mauro Uzzeo and Fabrizio Verrocchi. The location remains the same as always, the Former Slaughterhouse in the Testaccio neighborhood in Rome, but starting from this year will be even bigger (more than 10,000 sqm and with more news.

Starting from this edition, in fact, will be held mangARF!, “an area entirely dedicated to japanese comics, which will see the presence of specialised publishing houses, a bookshop, an exhibition on the thirty years of the manga in Italy” and the MANGA CAFE’“, a space for the reading of the great classics and the latest novelty” in collaboration with Napoli Comicon, a partner of the ARFestival also in the preparation of the exhibition “Tex – Seventy years of a myth” that continues to celebrate one of the characters in Italian comics and more long-lived.

But the show of Tex will not be unique: during the three-day festival, there will be exhibitions dedicated to the art of Frank Quitely (artist known for his work on Superman, X-Men, and more), Giuseppe Palumbo (author of the poster, and known for his work on Diabolik, and a Lizard), Attilio Micheluzzi (designer eclectic between the Seventies and the Eighties), Vinci Cardona and Kalina Muhova (award winners Bartoli 2018 as the best emerging authors), and the exhibition “つづく – Thirty years of the manga in Italy”, dedicated to the arrival of the manga, in the Italian newsstands. In addition, in collaboration with the Instituto Cervantes of Rome, the ARF has co-produced the show Beyond BlackSad by Juanjo Guarnido, open to the public from may 16 to June 29, 2019 at the sala Dali in the piazza Navona, 19.

Return to the long-awaited master classes, lessons, full-immersion course on the world of comics and his secret techniques. This year there will be: “Gabriele Dell'otto, pictorial skill, the all-Italian Marvel; Yoshiyasu Tamura, the japanese master of Manga; Casty, one of the most important contemporary artists of Disney; Stephen Drawings, one of the most popular authors-illustrators satirical Italian; Katja Centomo, the designer of the W. I. T. C. H and Monster Allegy; Davide Toffolo, cartoonist, and voice and guitar of the group Tre allegri ragazzi morti”. To buy tickets for each Masterclass click on this link.

In the three days of the festival, the three great Masters of the comic strip will hold the Lectio Magistralis, a regular appointment, from 14.30 to 16, where each of them will tell about their career as you will draw some sketches live. For the edition of 2019 will be the protagonists José Muñoz (father of Alack Sinner, and many other characters), Angelo Stano (co-creator of Dylan Dog, and illustrator), Riccardo Mannelli (satirical illustrator and painter), moderated respectively by Laura Shoe, Paulonia Zumo and Adriano Ercolani.

Do not miss the stand of the publishing houses, the ARF! Kids (a place completely dedicated to children), the SelfARF! (area dedicated to independent publishers, self-publishing and collective), the JobARF! (an opportunity for all authors to submit their works to publishing houses) and the ARFist Alley, a place co-ordinated by David Messina and Susanna Mariani where to interact face to face with the great artists of the comic. Among them we will find Frank Quitely, James Bevilacqua, LRNZ, Giuseppe Palumbo, Davide Toffolo, Sergio Algozzino, Enrica Eren Angiolini, BABY RUTH study, Francesco Biagini, Marco Bianchini, Michela Hunter, Silvia Califano, Eleonora Carlini, Elena Casagrande, Simone Di Meo, Heather D'urso, Cristina Fabris, Gentlemen KAIJU Club, Fabio Listrani, Francis Furniture, Simon Selection, Fabio Ramacci, Arianna Rea, Valerio Schiti, a Skeleton Monster, Walter Throne.


ARFestival 2019, all of the news and the details of the V edition of




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