AREA 54: the Bears, the moves pre-draft


Published on Apr 20, 2020


In the days before the NFL draft, the front office of Chicago led by Ryan Pace moves to try to smooth the floors of the Bears. After the arrival of the mighty Robert Quinn to replace Leonard Floyd, and the engagement of Nick Foles who will fight with Trubisky for the role of starter, almost all the doubts on the issue of the tight end have found answers in the past few days: at the court of Nagy was added to Jimmy Graham with a friendly contract that will not have an impact on the 2021, while the TE number 1 Trey Burton, has been cut in the night between Friday and Saturday.

After 2018 that had a starring role alongside Allen Robinson II in the department of receivers of the Bears with 569 yards and 6 touchdowns, one of which is really fabulous against Tampa Bay, and a 16-game starter, the TE has given the hole at the most important event. One of the evening's Wild Card against his former Philadelphia Eagles. The ghost of an injury that would later be persecuted Burton for all of the 2019 finished with 84 yards and zero TD, stuff that not even the most desperate of the undrafted free agent would have dreamed of doing. His impact on the salary cap for the Bears, however, was remarkable, and to have a ballast that does not produce numbers to those figures, it is not good for anyone. Cut inevitable, and at this point, all eyes are on the draft because all of the signals in the house Bears lead to the choice of a Tight End.

The line of attack has seen the addition of two names: Germain Ifedi, 31° pick the absolute of the Seattle Seahawcks in 2016, a player who is likely to respond to the fool of Charles Leno, Jr., but that could also becoming clever in a new environment, because all in all, the potential is not missing though, we will never be here to talk about the caliber Pro Bowl; the second graft is the most intriguing, Jason Spriggs, offensive tackle selected by the Packers in the second round of the same draft of Ifedi. The preparations of the two OL come from areas of separate jurisdiction, Ifedi Texas A&M, Spriggs from Indiana. Spriggs, however, is back from a long stay in the list of the injured Green Bay, exactly from August 6, 2019, and his physical condition remains a mystery; however, the signature is only 1 year, Peace remains conservative, and everything here suggests that a selection is imminent one of the first pick available for reinforcing the line of attack.

For lovers of thrill, here's the big return in the kicking competition! Ramiz Ahmed (Nevada) will try to take away the role of kicker Eddie Pineiro, and unlike last season in which the speech seemed to be crucial in the aftermath of Cody Parkey, to Bourbonnais, Lake Forrest, the kicks should remain a side issue to promote the development of the game on the field. At least you hope to.

In preparation for the draft a few option: choices number 43 and 50 of the second round, the first round is in the portfolio of Khalil Mack, or better, than Jon Gruden. With the two selections will call YOU, a man of the line for the attack, and a play cornerback that can replace the absence of Prince Amukamara. Knowing Peace, it is plausible that the young and reckless General Manager may swap them both for a late-first round, something that triggers on a rampage the fans. Or, makes a lot of sense that one of the two is exchanged in favor of a trade down the ports in exchange for a couple of pick later, between the end of the second, or the third/fourth round, radius of action and where the Bears do not currently have selections. One thing is certain, I do not expect that the GM of the Bears, clearly the last round of the waltz, it remains stationary with hands in hands while looking at the clock waiting for his turn.

The last prophecy of the market, the exchange of Tarick Cohen: while the time will scroll between selections of the draft, the Peace could get rid of the RB2 and the special team returner who carries the nickname the Human Joystick. Cohen was disappointed in its expectations, and its numbers, only far removed from those that would take the running game of Chicago.

Who is interested in him? The Baltimore Ravens could give us a little thought to sending it to Chicago a pick between the 4° (solution unlikely) and the 5th round as a trade asset.




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