AREA 54: the Bears Draft Part III – Cole Kmet or Albert Okwuegbunam for YOU?


Published on Feb 21, 2020


The third chapter of the road to the nfl draft in the house Bears passes from the path of the Tight End, climbing is not easy.

Chicago must be clarity about how and when to intervene in the strengthening of the departments and though without first-choice at the next draft, in the selections from the second round there is dancing in everything from prevention to the future. While Ryan Peace is preparing to play his cards, knowing that the offensive line and tight end were the real weak points of 2019, the Bears are working in silence to understand what to give priority.

The role of the TE is vital in the NFL's contemporary, suffice it to say that the teams with the best players in the department of receivers of the medium-to-short-range (Kelce and Kittle) came to play for the Super Bowl a few weeks ago!

From the times when our coach iron Mike Ditka played as the first true prototype of the Tight End under the leadership of George Halas revolutionized the game in the reception, this role has had a decisive impact on the developments of the schemes that might be considered offensive to the 60 subsequent years has been essential to the success. A player like Gronk, the most popular and successful in his role, is that the evolution of the concept of “receiver shouldered” born in 1961, from 1.076 yards and 12 TD recorded by Iron Mike, who in a matter of a couple of seasons, he managed to bring the Bears to success after several years of abstinence.

And now, what happens in Chicago? It happens that in the season 2019 the entire department of the Tight End has put together 46 receptions, 416 yards and 1 touchdown. Numbers that are not the slightest bit contemplabili to be able to discuss of the glory.

Trey Burton after the excellent start of 2018, which has led him to be the target number one in the throws of Trubisky, has disappeared in the most important moment of the last years of gridiron in Illinois, the Wild Card they lost to the Eagles; from that lump sum and the ungrateful, the TE holder of Chicago has never shown his face at Soldier Field, and even what was supposed to be on the card is the legitimate heir of Rob Gronkowski (Adam Shaheen said, “baby Gronk”) it has never been seen became a bust of a colossal after the expectations created around his name.

Now need to intervene and the options are these: Cole Kmet or Albert Okwuegbunam.

From the latest rumors it would seem that in the class of the NFL draft 2020 will not leave YOU out in the first round, which makes the position of the Bears favourable; and Cole Kmet, 113 kg x 1.96 m by the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, after 3 years of college in Indiana is the statement best on the piazza, and with an effort Chicago could secure his services. The effort would be a trade up in the beginning of the second round, involving the Washington Redskins in a direct exchange, or potentially scavalcandoli with those preceding them because the team of Dwayne Haskins must make up for the withdrawal of Vernon Davis as a result becoming the first team candidate to draft a TE.

In the event Peace were to decide to preserve his chosen subject without voiding the possibility to select the statement most appetizing in the role of YOU, the relief of Chicago could run for cover with the second call is available in the 2nd round by selecting Albert Okwuegbunam of the Missouri Tigers with pick number 50.

The third option, instead, comes from the free agency as I mentioned earlier in the episode n°19 of The BIC of 2 January 2020; the TE of the Atlanta Falcons Autstin Hooper may be the goal of Peace in the market of free agents is consistent with the rescission of the contract of Burton, with the space wage and with the demands of Hooper leaving space to the men of the line, a WR, or edge that would replace Floyd in the calls of the draft.





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