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Published on Mar 05, 2020


1/5Marco Rocchi - Francesca Charity, Gherd the girl of the mist, Tunué2/5Marco Rocchi - Francesca Charity, Gherd the girl of the mist, Tunué3/5Marco Rocchi - Francesca Charity, Gherd the girl of the mist, Tunué4/5Marco Rocchi - Francesca Charity, Gherd the girl of the mist, Tunué5/5Marco Rocchi - Francesca Charity, Gherd the girl of the mist, Tunué

Gherd the girl in the mist is a comic book released in the last year, and re-released in a paperback edition from a few days for the Tipitondi most of Tunué that I loved.

The story that Marco Rocchi structure, fishing from the well-known themes, already present in other narratives, but looks complete and original, also thanks to the detailed illustrations, and full of Francesca Charity, giving an interesting reflection on the identity of a young girl.

Gherd, the protagonist of this story, is not that little girl at the beginning of the story, a little girl who lives in a village, withdrawn and protected, a stronghold that stands out and stands in the sea of fog that surrounds it, a nothing visual that moves, populated by beasts disproportionate and cruel (at least so everyone thinks!). The primitive society and the world that guide the people of Gherd has a approach to the situation rather directly based on the defence (to the sound of arrows, axes, and swords), which tends to curb – or eliminate – any encroachment of the unknown within the perimeter of its known. The mother of Gherd, however, has a more complete vision and wide of the situation (ah, women!) and he discovered that the fear and the aggression that govern the relations between the inside and outside of his village are dictated only by a non-knowledge of the other. However, in a close encounter, after only a few pages, Gherd remains orphaned and fiercely prey to a desire for revenge against the beasts that have stolen their parents. After a few years, on the occasion of the traditional initiation rites of the males of the village, Gherd assert his merits and his abilities, but in doing so you will enter in an adventure much more complex and broad, which would lead outside his village to the discovery of self and of the world.

Not to escape the quotes, from sources comics, where Nausicaa of the valley of the wind is the main source, up to permutations of the modern reworking of the theme in the fog (), but going further back we find the theme of the infinite and the nothing that advances already in the famous neverending Story by Michael Ende and, of course, still further back in the cycles classic. The world of a dystopian and apocalyptic is dragged back in time to a primitive society, the fog-anything that moves is not the result of thoughtless actions of man, but is inspired, magic, founded, however, by the same thirst for power that is always there at the base of the disharmony of the world. Beyond the borders of the village, Gherd, you'll meet other people, will discover the truth on the balance and compared with the initial on which is based the world, she will find the difference and distrust, but will cause driven by the pursuit of truth and from a desire to know its history. Will not be less in the mood daring of the girl, but the friendship the gradual revelation of the world, will make Gherd aware the protagonist of his life in the world.

Like Nausicaa, Gherd is a warrior, but has a young heart and a compassionate, curious eyes that the youth makes it able to shake the prejudices. The deep structure of the novel of formation is clear and obvious, but the richness of the cues of a narrative and of the world, imagined and created by the two authors, makes the narrative perhaps predictable, but never dull. The related themes, present perhaps the most impressive in the sources above (the environment, war, violence...) give way to the path of Gherd, which represents the heart of the story. The narration is simple and fluent, precisely because focused and for that reason more easily available in boys small (from 8 years). The rhythm information is well-orchestrated and keeps the voltage the narrative from the first page to the last. There are no captions, yet the design maintains its clarity all the dialogues without the need of an intervention of the narrator.

A history of training intriguing on the value of dialogue and the freedom from prejudice, a path of searching for their own identity which coincides with the discovery of the world in its true dimensions.

A story that ends with the formation of a company which we hope will be the centre of a new chapter.

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