Aquaman is the film DC with the highest-grossing ever


Published on Jan 28, 2019


The takings at the box-office world of Aquaman now stands at $ 1,09 billion, surpassing the $ 1,085 billion of the movies of Nolan. The director of Aquaman James Wan has already commented on the finish of Aquaman: “For years, Aquaman has been a joke of the color orange... No-one laughs more,” said Wan. “And this weekend, when the King of Atlantis surpasses the Dark Knight of Gotham City, the orange will officially be the new black for the Warner Bros. Crazy”.


Also, Momoa has already thanked the fans for making Aquaman the greatest movie in the world: “Mahalo to all for having made Aquaman the movie number one in the world,” he wrote in a post on Instagram. “I love you guys. I'm so proud of this film and of all those who have worked CHEEEEEHUUUUUUUU Aloha”.

However, it seems that in Hollywood a few have believed in the film: when it was announced the shortlist for the Academy Awards-2019 for the visual effects, Aquaman was not among the candidates, which included, among others, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther, Christopher Robin, Jurassic World, the First Man – The First Man.

When Aquaman was released in theaters, director James Wan had made a post on Facebook to advertise the release of the film. One of those who responded to the post was the visual effects supervisor of Aquaman, Kelvin McIlwain, who has published the compliments to his director: “Congratulations James, it was such an honor to be part of this creative effort, and to work with you again”.

After seeing this message, the Wan he wanted his VFX supervisor know what a beautiful job he had done – even if the Academy did not recognise him. Wan's not to express his displeasure to the voting of the Academy: “Kelvin, you and your group are the unsung heroes of this film: the fact that your colleagues VFX in the Academy do not recognise or appreciate what you all have done for the film, and the film is a real disgrace”.

Is there any valid reason for the anger of Wan, in the sense that Aquaman is probably the first successful film to be set mostly under water, with people (and things) that live and move in an aquatic environment. The visual effects required to create and populate that world in a convincing way, were quite remarkable – and creative design overall had to be in some way revolutionary.

Films such as First Man, or Christopher Robin have really done something visually that has offered the public a new daring cinematic experience?

Fortunately, it seems that there are those who think differently: the editor-in-chief of Marvel comics C. B. Cebulski has sung the praises of Aquaman:

Just back from Aquaman. Really enjoyed it! Such a fun flick, the spectacle of it all made me feel like a kid in the theater. Can't wait to take my nephew & niece. Big congrats to @geoffjohns @JimLee @creepypuppet on this superhero splash!

— C. B. Cebulski (@CBCebulski) December 28, 2018

Cebulski went on Twitter to share his thoughts after having seen the latest movies of DC Comics. “I just came back after seeing Aquaman,“ he tweeted Cebulski. “I liked it very much! A movie so entertaining, the show made me feel like a kid at the cinema. I can't wait to bring my nephew and my niece. Big congratulations to Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, James Wan for this superhero splash!”

Aquaman is the film DC with the highest-grossing ever is




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