Aquaman, Amber Heard, about the relationship between Arthur and Mera


Published on Aug 05, 2018


Amber Heard and producer Peter Safran have spoken to the ComicBook of the relationship between Arthur and Mera, which is surely one of the central points of Aquaman together with the report of Arthur the same with his brother.

“In this film, I wouldn't call it necessarily a love story,” explains Safran “James wanted to tell something cocky, funny, and intimate, is much more of a relationship type like Indiana Jones or like that between Michael Douglas-Kathleen Turner in romancing the stone, which is not a film about a love story, an action movie romantic. There is a lot of antagonism between Arthur and Mera because of the contexts from which they come, it's all based on duty and honor and what is worth more. Arthur is angry with Atlantis because it is the world that killed the mother, but then she learns that it is not right to judge an entire context for individual action, while the Mere realize that what on the surface is a world which has to be preserved and which they can find a way to coexist.”

“In the film there is a modern approach, both are at par, Mera is not a support character because they are often in disagreement the two of them!” he adds, instead of Amber Heard “Have different cultures and different strengths, are equal partners and this formula is definitely innovative for a superhero movie. Both share in the responsibility of travel and are exalted in their own worlds, even if you feel disoriented when you are in contact with the context of the other. The identities are intertwined with their respective worlds, there is attraction but it is the common goal that unites them. Mere is not a girl to save, happens exactly the opposite.”

Continuing the tradition of the Suicide Squad and the Justice League, Aquaman will have a scene after the credits, which will give you more information about the future role of the Black Manta in the Worlds of DC.

According to what reported by Discussing the Film in fact, the protagonists of the scene would be the same as the Black Manta, and Dr. Stephen Shin, played by Randall Park.

The events should “legitimize” the character of Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, because, as we know, the main antagonist in this first film will be the brother of Arthur, Orm.

We do not know if the scene will be set-up for a possible sequel or if it will devolve to that of Justice League is tied to the Legion of Doom, even if the plans for the latter appear, for the moment, set aside as you can read here.

“The film tells the story of the origin of Arthur Curry, half-human, half-Atlantean, in the beginning of a formative journey that will force him to face his origins and who he really is, but, above all, to find out if it is really worth to become the one for which it was born...a king.”

The film as well as Jason Momoa in the role of the protagonist will see Patrick Wilson in the role of Ocean Master, Amber Heard in the role of Mera, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, the Black Manta, Nicole Kidman in the role of queen Atlanna and Willem Dafoe in the role of Vulko. The output is prevsta in the USA on October 5, 2018.

Aquaman, Amber Heard, about the relationship between Arthur and Mera is




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