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Published on Nov 21, 2019


Punctual as a swiss watch and in time for Lucca Comics & Games 2019, BAO Publishing, printing volume, the Fourth Season of the Aqualung after the usual digital output.

The Third Season – our review HERE – had ended with a drastic change of scenery: Andy Greenberg – the father of the main character Holly was placed at the head of the mysterious R. A. I. N. after having planted a bullet in the head with the ruthless Fred Bishop.

Holly had left Cold Cove to train with the Grandmaster and his mysterious Order. At the centre of everything, always the apocalypse looming and the power hidden in the depths of the sea.

It's been eight months from these events. Cold Cove is coming a new storm while everything seems still waiting for one of the “players” make the decisive move.

This apparent calm is abruptly interrupted by the arrest of Holly. Someone, in fact, she began to notice the too-many-events that are unusual in recent months, as well as the girl is locked in a cell his friends/allies barcamenano between the proverbial hammer and anvil: the Master and the order they act in the shadows while the R. A. I. N. is the next to refine and improve the technology to aqualung for his purposes and very easy to crack the code of the Cage.

The triggering element, however, will be bound Isabel – the fish-woman capable of manipulating the water – and his “condition” that will lead to an unexpected confrontation between the Master and Andy Greenberg when the mystery on the Cage will be unveiled.

The power is then radiated in all of his incredible power with Holly and her friends/allies that they can do is assist the helpless.

The Fourth, and penultimate, Season of Aqualung is marked by an obvious attempt all in all a successful Jacopo Paliaga to experiment with themes, so far only marginally touched by the series, placing at the centre of the story, the characters “sub”.

Using the language of television, we could not only say that the Fourth Season is a “transition period” – or better, a prologue definitely preparatory for the highly anticipated final – but that face is undoubtedly a lever on the component of the drama of the characters and their relationships that are intertwined in an even more narrow and considerably increase not only the stakes, always in relation to the final mentioned a little while ago, but also in terms of a plot complex in which no detail is left to chance.

Don't miss the action – relegated in the last important chapters – where, however, the appearance is classically sci-fi/superhero element of the first three seasons, leaves the place, how right that is a mystery.

Paliaga also using themes and issues the “strong” – related to Isabel and Beth – bending them very well to the needs of the plot, thus showing the versatility and the desire to evolve your style and that of the series.

As well as wetsuit to a certain extent the tone of the Aqualung Volume 4, also changes slightly the trait of the French Charlemagne. The stroke of the designer in piedmont is always edgy and modern, but unlike in the past, the search is shifted from the sign to the construction of the table, to the research of storytelling and experimentation in the composition.

In this sense, Charlemagne accomplished in a few steps the work is really exceptional, alternating the construction of the horizontal panels to one who prefers the verticality in which proxemics and games looks can be seen all the drama of relationships.

There remains then that wait for the conclusion of the series with the next season, even if judging by some scattered elements in this volume is not to be excluded that the Aqualung to evolve with a second series.

Agile and essential, the column produced by BAO Publishing devoid of extra content.

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