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Published on Mar 21, 2018


Comes in paper format and always to the precisely BAO Publishing, the third season of the Aqualung, the award-winning webcomic signed by Jacopo Paliaga, and the French Charlemagne.

The third chapter is always fundamental – we can see how fundamental are the album number three of the great rock bands from Metallica to Iron Maiden – and the Aqualung is not exempt from this tradition, also because of the fact the series was designed on the basis of five seasons for which this third represents concretely, the turning point for the series.

The second season full of action and revelations – our review here – it was closed with a note of melancholy – a funeral – and angry – with the main character Holly, who tired of the secrets of the father and decided to leave forever the city of Cold Cove and its mysteries.

This third season picks up right where it left off the second but Paliaga decides to “scuttle” the readers by Beth – the teenager from the venomous touch known in the last season – the protagonist of this third season.

She is, in fact, the only one left to investigate on the mysteries that have as their epicentre, Cold Cove, and involving the mysterious organization R. A. I. N. and its genetic experiments. Beth, however, seems to come to a dead end when it is reached by Isabel which warns that the depths are far from resolved and, in fact, the signs of the apocalypse will not be slow to emerge.

The two girls are then attacked by an enormous sea creature, the attack that will help to bring out all the pawns on the chessboard: the R. A. I. N, headed by the ruthless Fred Bishop – the mysterious Order to the defence of the abyss, and even some character thought dead or disappeared.

The third season of the Aqualung is a diesel.

Part plan almost unnoticed with a narrative laced, no frills, and with an atmosphere that already from the very first pages is nerve-racking and restless, and then increase in intensity and explode in a series of revelations and action sequences jaw-dropping, in which once again it is evident the heterogeneity of the influences that living in the writing of Paliaga.

The reading of the volume is dizzying, and catapults the reader straight to the centre of the plots than in the two previous seasons and the two creators had certosinamente woven in closing, then, with an unexpected finale that lays the foundation for the next season in a convincing manner, and equally unexpected with a role reversal for what, until this third season had been one of the important characters of the series.

Jacopo Paliaga decided wisely to give the substance of all those elements that had littered in the previous seasons, and sort them, giving in that way a more complete picture to the readers that can finally take advantage of the many payoff with some answers to the questions posed in the previous volumes, and other new and fresh on new aspects of the events related to the Cold Cove and to the characters – Mr Joy, the Order, the nature of the contents of the Cage.

The third season is almost a “spiegone” and press on the sci-fi series rather than mystery, this is definitely not a bad thing at all provides concreteness to the series taking up those suggestions coming from the serial nature of the comics, and spreading it too thinly, as never before in this season, with the component action the spine of the shonen coming from the rising sun.

High quality as always, test the pencils of the French Charlemagne. Her once-edgy, now a true trademark of the series, is a new and unexpected depth, not so much in the anatomical but rather a construction of the table more heterogeneous in which the suggestions of the television leaving the field to a verticality typically comic scenes of action that become extremely “physical” and wide-screen with suggestive splash-page enhanced by the excellent work of the lettering.

Honorable mention also for the excellent work with the colours of Adele Matera, which brings together a palette made up of blue and green that recall the marine environments, just to reiterate the key element of the series, sfumandoli in purple and orange in the scenes of action thus increasing their charge of “exceptionality”.

Aqualung Volume 3 is the final confirmation for this series, one of the best produced in Italy in the last 10 years, and it is also a confirmation for the solid creative team Paliaga and Charlemagne.

Aqualung Volume 3, however, is also the test of maturity for the series with the two authors who bravely pulling on the row of the plots so far are created by giving them substance and concreteness, but also renewing them, giving the right payoff to the players now, more than ever, refreshed to continue on this wonderful story of action and mystery and capable of attracting a diverse audience on the strength of its multiple influences that are reworked in a witty and personal.

Finally, it should be noted, as always, the excellent editorial care of BAO Publishing that packs a solid column with fins, a whale of 224 pages, printed in an excellent manner, with a graphic above the average thanks to an excellent paper that returns clear the stretch of Charlemagne, and bright colors.

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