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Published on Oct 03, 2017

Aqualung, the webcomic, the Italian is preparing to begin its third season!

It is now available on Coldcove the first episode of the third season of the Aqualung, the webcomic created by Jacopo Paliaga (lyrics) and French Charlemagne (drawings), winner of the Prize Mazzucchelli as the best webcomic 2017.

The first two seasons have been reprinted in two beautiful volumes brossurati of excellent workmanship for the types of Bao Publishing.

This review has the purpose to invite to the reading who does not know this beautiful series: you can do that free of charge, at the above address or you can do it with little expense getting to the two volumes mentioned above. But notice the obvious... I just try to tell you why Aqualung is a series that is worth to know and enjoy.

First of all, if you've never read a webcomic, starting from Aqualung means being immediately faced with a product of excellent workmanship, and this will allow you to understand the potential of the genre: the use of the table free, a time of reading the variable, but still around 10 minutes max per episode, the ability to characterize individual episodes with graphic choices innovative.

Not that this is not possible on paper, but the webcomic is by its nature a more fluid and open; a product that makes it well beyond where it creates a close link with the reader by the occasional becomes stable and awaits with interest the publication of every episode of the individual seasons.

“Seasons” is another key word of the webcomic and it is recovered by the success of the TV series. How many of us expect the return of the TV series you prefer, and will also bear the waiting time between the end of one season and the beginning of the next (but in this waiting there is part of the flavor also).

Aqualung takes full such mechanisms and have them grafted on to a story that can be condensed in a few key words: plots, superpowers, interpersonal relationships, joys and sorrows. This is an old recipe that has more in the Marvel of the sixties, that in the comic book, the Italian way.

The protagonist is a girl, Holly Greenberg, who has been bitten by a being from the mysterious origin who gave you the powers of regeneration, and the ability to resist for a long time under water thanks
the device of the Aqualung installed in his lungs.

The girl is orphan of mother and lives with the father and the girlfriend of the father (at least until the second season... but I will say no more as to not take away the suspense), and its transformation is tied to a mysterious story that has its origins at the beginning of the Twentieth century and also involved the secret service and the mysterious forces of the sea.

The father of Holly is a scientist closely linked to, and so ambiguous in some of the figures that pull the strings of these dark events that revolve around the cove Cold Cove.

As you can guess the plot plays on the typical elements of the narratives of the super-heroes of Marvel (great power, great responsibility and great doubt, and uncertainty) and our Holly has features that are reminiscent of the first Peter Parker (of course we are not in the ’60s, but in 2017, and then also the context of cultural reference is very different), these elements from a tale of superheroes (which are amplified in the second season which is made up of villains with super powers and a sort of companion of adventures for Holly: Beth, also linked her in such a strong way with ‘the bad guys’ of the saga) are added in the atmosphere of X-files type Area 51.

The story develops in the first season, so all in all, balanced between moments of light and light-hearted moments and the more intense and dramatic, but in the second the general tone is more by adult readers, and in general, looks to a more mature audience. As is normal, the increasing voltage of the second season ends with a great cathartic experience that shuffles the cards and opens the third season where terrible Things are about to happen!

The dialogues in the series are definitely a strong point: Paliaga likes to describe interpersonal relationships, and in scenes from daily manages to depict the characters in a way that is clear and non-trivial.

The designs of Charlemagne are excellent especially in creating the atmosphere of the various environments and in the setting of the frame in the individual vignettes(even the most spectacular yields in the edition brossurata with large splash page).

Charlemagne doesn't love a style muscle to the Jim Lee, but she prefers a style more naïve that reminds me of some tv series as the second of as many as 10 (but surely there are references highest among the designers of the overseas!!!): I have to say that it was a nice discovery!

I conclude with a final comparison of the readings of a few years ago: read the Aqualung made me return in mind some of the sagas of the mutants like the New Mutants and X-Force then.

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