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Published on Sep 28, 2017


We had closed the second season of the Aqualung, full of action and revelations, with a note of melancholy – a funeral – and angry – with the main character Holly, who tired of the secrets of the father and decided to leave forever the city of Cold Cove and its mysteries.

Now it is up to the writer Jacopo Paliaga put the puzzle together for this long-awaited third season, as previously announced, begins with a change of protagonist: the scene in fact is monopolized by Beth – the characters that we met in the second season of which not only we discovered the powers, but also sources related to the evil Fred Bishop – and by his search for help, and valuable clues in the hunt at the same Bishop and the origins of its experiments.

In these first three chapters it is evident the intention of the author to give a twist to the series: the narrative becomes more dry, no-frills, but what is more interesting is the general atmosphere of the chapters is much more fraught: the sense of restlessness that pervaded the first two seasons, here it seems about to explode, and in a sense it will make to the end of the third chapter.

On the one hand there is the need to “build” the new protagonist – as much as revenge as a main motivation always works well – and a new cast of characters as Isabel in addition to retrieve the characters in “survivors” is the second season to retrieve the row of the plots left unresolved, on the other, returns to place at the centre of the attention the small town of Cold Cove with that bit of sci-fi/horror and mystery that characterized the first season, and that now seem to converge with all the pieces but still need to take sides definitively on the board.

This seems to be the pivot upon which the creative team wants to turn this season: with the proverbial “storm in arrival” will be Beth the needle of the balance? and Holly is really exit from the scene?

Flawless the graphics part of the French Charlemagne, which confirms, if proof were needed, as one of the best designers currently in circulation. His stroke is confident and dynamic in addition, regardless of the form webcomic – a format that favors a construction of the table with horizontal panes – the designer manages to play with the verticality, especially in the last chapter, and experiment with the pace and shots borrowed from a certain television series and film; in the second chapter, instead, for the more experienced – a reference to the famous cage at 9 panes, which here becomes 8, and sees the use of panel black without designs, but only with a text solution-derived, perhaps, from one of the creative teams on the rise overseas, that is the one composed by Tom King and Mitch Gerads.

Among the suggestions coming from the comic serial american most wanted and a structure that points to the action comics japanese these first three chapters may seem overly decompressed and focus on the introduce the new status-quo of the characters, however, it is impossible not to notice how the creative team begins to prepare the ground by providing cues and clues on the development of the whole of the season, without forgetting that always the Aqualung is a series of “choral” from the “particular” and explodes in a fresco at the well and articulated.

The third season of the Aqualung will start the official October 2, and will be composed of twelve chapters, divided into two narrative arcs, which you can read for FREE every Monday on

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