Aqualung: a story in which dive to the bottom – Review of the first 3 volumes

Published on Mar 29, 2018

Continues, thanks to Bao Publishing, publication of printed editions of Aqualung, the webcomic of Jacopo Paliaga (lyrics) and French Charlemagne (drawings).

It is, in fact, recently released the third volume (the entire series will include five) that, as always, expanded and in part, revises the story has already been published online.

For all fans of Aqualung, those of Bao Publishing are definitely appointments is always expected, and this third volume of the series is certainly no exception, giving us once again the strong emotions between the decisive confrontations and new and old meetings.

For those of you who, however, was new to adventures born from the creativity and art of Jacopo and French I can't wish you to immerse yourself as soon as possible in this addicting and fascinating history.

Believe me, not rimmarete disappointed!

Cold Cove is a small, gray town, the house of Holly Greenberg, a seventeen year old a lot of alarm clock that lives with his father Andy. Five years before, because of an accident, to save her life, the father was forced to articulation an artificial respirator including the lungs, called the Aqualung.

The monotonous quiet of Cold Cove is, however, perturbed by some disappearances and by the appearance of the ravenous creatures that seem to emerge from the dark depths of the abyss of the bay.

Holly finds herself so involved in an adventure of mysteries and constant twists, suspended between ancient creatures, legendary contests, and modern experiments, where in the game there will be a lot more of his life.
The answer to so many questions could be hiding in that accident 5 years ago, and in her artificial respirator.

The Aqualung is one of those stories that slowly, with subtlety, they know before incuriosirti, keep you entertained, and then drag you with him into a vortex of events and emotions that will keep you glued to every single page.

This feeling that remains alive in all three volumes published until now, and indeed intensifies as the events become more complex and new characters face the side of Holly and his father.

A result that the authors have been able to build with care, seamlessly integrating the history of a well-structured graphics, which always makes us feel at the centre of the scene.

The screenplay, conceived by Jacopo is without a doubt one of the elements that the most successful of the Aqualung.

In these first three volumes, the story unfolds and it is articulated on two levels. The main one that tells the adventures of Holly and of his enemies, and a secondary that, thanks to a series of flashbacks we discover slowly important elements to begin to shed light on the mystery that hides in the depth of the cove Cold Cove.

In Aqualung can't find many of the typical elements of the thriller, the fantasy that is the world of comic books than the TV series have made known to us.

Jacopo seems to know well draw from these sources of inspiration, giving us a story that is in many ways familiar, but which always manages to be at the same time original and unexpected.

The whole is then held together by a narration from the rhythm very well orchestrated that with the continuous growing us from a boring little village near the sea up to accompany us in a reality made up of twists and turns, secret organizations, monsters, creatures, ancient powers and new spells.

Interesting and very well managed also the development of the characters of the Aqualung and the way how they reveal themselves in front of the player, now slowly, showing only fragments of their feeling or secret that conceal, now rather abruptly, thanks to one of the many twists, skilfully scattered by the authors.

Let's see, so the protagonists grow before our eyes, quenched, or crushed by the events, to be transformed by the simple inhabitants of a village out of the world into something else, escaping the traditional classifications of good or bad.

A process that develops over the course of all three volumes, creating a sort of bond between the reader and the characters of the Aqualung that gives a dimension that is even more engaging to the story.

Involvement, which is then again enhanced by the graphic rendering, always precise in describing both the actions as the moods of the protagonists, with shots that give a cinematic sense to the whole story and the colors that stimulate the senses of the reader, while keeping it constantly immersed in the surreal atmosphere of Cold Cove.

With a history so large and complex, with many mysteries still not revealed, more and more involved characters and several subplots that meander between the past and the present, and already three books published, behind, the true bet of the Aqualung is to be able to continue to intrigue and excite the reader, maintaining the correct voltage up to the grand finale.

The authors have already proven to be ready for the challenge, and it remains only for us to follow the adventures of Holly Greenberg and classmates online and in the upcoming releases.

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