Aqualung 3: BAO Publishing announces the third volume of the sci-fi series of Paliaga and Charlemagne

Published on Mar 13, 2018

BAO Publishing have recently announced that Thursday, march 15, arrives in comic book store and library Aqualung 3, the third volume of the series mystery and science fiction written by Jacopo Paliaga and designed by French Charlemagne, already winner of the Premio Micheluzzi as the Best webcomic.

The webcomic online on comes in paper form with a new volume in the usual edition, revised and enriched.

In this third season, characters old and new join forces to face a common threat, whose precise contours they will understand only at the end of the volume.

Action, introspection, contrasts and strong emotional ties are the glue of a cast that is multi-faceted and characterized in a meticulous, thanks to the skillful use of dialogues by Paliaga, and expertise, graphics, vertical ascent of volume in volume, of Charlemagne.

The series mystery and the sci-fi comes to the third season in the paper book, in which the mysteries of the american province thickens around the adolescent Holly Greenberg from the iron lung.

Three creatures ancestral to guard a terrible secret. Only an unlikely alliance of heroes, in spite of themselves, can illuminate the darkness under the surface of the water, of Cold Cave.

Jacopo Paliaga, and the French Charlemagne will be our guests at the stand, BAO Publishing, at the next festival Be Comics! Padua from the 23rd to the 25th of march.

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