Apple would want the new movies available to preview on iTunes

Published on Dec 08, 2016

The apple of Cupertino is seeking the agreement with the studios to offer a preview on iTunes the movies a few days from the release in theatres

Apple, you know, has always been the queen of the innovation, but also of choices and products that are always discuss.

After, between the headlines-general, removed the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and gave up definitively to the USB socket on the new MacBook Pro, so the giant apple is ready for a new and sensational move.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple is reportedly talking with some of the biggest studios of Hollywood, to be able to have the new movies available in preview on iTunes. Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures, are some of the manufacturers who are thinking to work with Apple for this species of right of pre-emption in favour of its online store.

The report would reveal that Apple and the majors, are willing to provide a rental, prices are obviously substantial, the new film in a few days the landing place in theaters. On the upper floors of the studios in hollywood, you're trying to push to get these “profitable” hires, already in two weeks from the release to the cinema of the film.

A move of this kind, with the new movies available in preview on iTunes, would you make to the online store of Apple to make a sprint so exceptional, as to leave light-years behind the competition. After completely revolutionized the market of streaming music, and be became the undisputed leader, iTunes, if these agreements materialised, it would become the greatest ruler the way in which people would look in the film.

To tell the truth, a similar idea was already coming also to the founder of Napster, Sean Parker with the on-demand service called the Screening Room that would allow you to see the new movie from the comfort of home, even simultaneously with the projection in the cinemas. The problem is that Parker has never engaged in serious negotiations with the Hollywood studios, and then the project would be still at stake.

Conversely, the same major of the cinema could create a proprietary platform for the distribution of their films, but at the moment, the offer of the partnership of Apple and its iTunes, it seems the most logical and above all more rapid. The home video market is indeed stagnant for a long time, and the studios are always looking for new opportunities and new markets to revive this sector, which may still generate significant revenue for their coffers. Last week, Kevin Tsujihara, head of Warner Bros., said:

The possibility of having the above on the vision of the new film could satisfy a growing appetite of consumers and discourage piracy.

Piracy is a thorn in the side of the major, and a chasm in their portfolios, given the ease of finding the streaming of the movie just came out, even if often of poor quality. Poor quality that does not seem to deter millions of people the chance to see a movie preview and, especially, at zero cost.

Probably the one that Apple and the studios have in mind, might put a stop to all of this, considering that it would be possible to rent the new movies, with a excellent quality, after only two weeks from the release in theatres. It only remains to know which might be the price, certainly not small, new films, available in preview on iTunes.

Really enjoy watching a movie at home, in front of the TV and pay probably a lot more than a simple ticket, you can replace the pleasure of seeing it at the cinema? What do you think? Please let us know with a comment below.

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