Apple works to fight the news fake, the word of Eddy Cue


Published on Feb 14, 2017


In his long speech to Recode Media Conference, Eddy Cue confirmed that Apple is looking to combat the phenomenon of false news on the internet, now that it is a real “scourge” for the users all over the world.

After Tim Cook, Eddy Cue, says that technology companies have the responsibility to limit the phenomenon of the news fake on the web. To do this, they must be checked the sources that spread the news and to limit as much as possible the “buffaloes”, using a series of tools that Apple is already experimenting with in his app, “News”:

Since almost all the news are read through the technological devices, and through the services that are provided by such devices, then I believe that we are all responsible for this phenomenon.

In the USA, the phenomenon of the news fake had its peak during the electoral campaign for the presidential elections, when a series of hoaxes have spread like wildfire, creating a real problem for the whole sector of the media. These news have had their echo in especially on Facebook and on the various social networks, where users often fail to recognize a fake news story from a true, since all the news are listed and highlighted in the same way.

Apple does not have an answer to solve the problem, but the Cue confirms that the company is working to combat the spread:

We wanted that News of Apple was available for all, but we want to check the sources and make sure they only publish real news. We are very concerned of the buffalo and of the phenomenon of clickbait, which are likely to put into question the seriousness of all the media. We are experimenting with some solutions with Apple News, and we're learning from the experience. However, we need to share these ideas and to work together with other players in the sector to minimize this problem.

Cue is not entered into the details of these methods tested by Apple, but his proposal is to work together with other companies that manage the flows of news.

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