Apple will update the web site dedicated to Privacy with details on iOS 12, and the Mojave


Published on Oct 17, 2018


Today, Apple has updated its website dedicated to Privacy, which they usually do every year following the release of the new iPhone, or a new version of iOS. The new site offers a detailed look on the steps that the company undertakes to protect the privacy and the data users through the latest hardware and software updates.

Apple has launched for the first time the tool for Privacy last may, limiting the functionality of the download only to the European Union, in order to comply with the entry into force of the legislation GDPR. Starting today, however, users of Australia, United States, New Zealand and Canada will be able to download their data via the dedicated section.

The general objective of this portal is to explain how the californian company projects the right hardware and software to ensure the privacy of the users. As we well know, for Apple to privacy is a fundamental human right:

For Apple privacy is a fundamental right. And because on your Apple devices are kept a lot of personal information, we want you to keep it confidential. Your heart rate after a run. Which stories are read. Where did you get the coffee. Which websites you visit. To anyone who phones or sending emails and messages. Are all of the important information, and every Apple product is designed to protect them, only you choose how you want to share and with whom. Year after year, we have shown how the extraordinary experiences that we offer and do not compromise your privacy and your security, but rather strengthen you.

Between updates of the Apple website dedicated to the Privacy of this year, including new details about the features of iOS 12, including Screen Time, the data of which are only accessible by the owner, and not from Apple itself or from third parties:

You can also use Screen Time to better understand and make choices about how much time your children spend using the app and websites. The activity Reports provide a detailed view of all their uses, notifications, and collections of devices: information is accessible only to you, never for Apple or third parties. And you can set the amount of time your children can spend every day on the app and specific web sites.

With regard to CarPlay, which now supports the Google Maps and Waze, Apple says that “will always require the third-party apps provide a privacy policy”.

For Safari on iOS 12, and macOS Mojave, Apple stresses that “does even more: now the sites of third-party tracking that attempt to create cookies or store data can do so only with your explicit consent”.

The new Apple Web site Privacy also highlights the creation of ML Core-ML, a new framework of machine learning available to developers that allow them to “create new and powerful experiences for apps that do not require data to leave the device”.

Ultimately, the Web page on the privacy of Apple's intends to demonstrate its commitment to minimizing the data collection, to disassociate the user from any data collected and to be transparent about its privacy practices. Just last month, Tim Cook reiterated that Apple does not collect user data to improve products and services:

The story that some companies will try to make you believe is: “do I have to take all of your data in order to improve my service.” Well, I can't believe it.

The web site on Privacy as soon as up to date Apple can be viewed by clicking here.

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