Apple will update the asset to the iTunes Store and Apple's Music for the affiliates


Published on Mar 14, 2018


Apple has shared with its affiliates the new assets for the promotion of content on the iTunes and Apple Music.

After the update of the logo MFi, Apple now has refurbished the assets dedicated to the promotion of content on the iTunes Store and Apple's Music. These assets can be used by affiliates to their programs, that they now have to content with design to be more minimal and modern.

The change applies to both the iTunes Store:

... that Apple's Music:

In particular, the new logo of the iTunes Store is now represented by a star, such as the icon of the app on iOS, while before it was identified with the Apple logo. This icon can be used as a badge on social networks and in app of affiliates.

As a reminder, Apple reminded the affiliates that the rates of the commissions to the iTunes will be reduced to 2.5%, while those of Apple's Music will be increasing from 5 April 2018. For Apple, Music has provided a 100% commission on the first month paid for by a user.

Finally, Apple is extending the use of the new platform, “Apple Music for Artists” to a higher number of artists, after a first phase of testing started some months ago on a few thousand accounts. With this platform, the artists to read many more data, especially on the listening habits and priceon Apple's Music and iTunes Store. There will be detailed information on the number of reproductions and spin, with the possibility to set the range of time that goes from the last 24 hours to the launch of Apple's Music in 2015.

Artists will be able to divide and analyze the data in many ways, among which are the global map, age, sex, and more. You can further examine the demographics of the listeners to the city, recalling for example how many times the women between 16 and 24 years in Los Angeles have listened to a particular song.

The service will map the location where the listeners are listening to the song, to see the trends in the various countries, and provide guidance on how to start a song (for example, through discovery weekly or Beats 1).

More info are available here.

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