Apple will open source the operating system of the Lisa

Published on Dec 27, 2017

Surprise gift from Apple for all the fans of the computer and in a special way for fans of retrocomputing, and technology vintage: the operating system of the Lisa will be made available as open source.

It is Al Kossow of the Computer History Museum, the museum founded in 1996 in Mountain View, California, that collects the largest and most significant collection of artifacts on the computers in the world.

This was announced on the LisaList. Pretty exciting if you're a fan of the Apple Lisa.

— Mike Maginnis (@6502lane) December 24, 2017

The Apple Lisa, designed in the early ’80s, a computer was dedicated to the professional user, featuring a graphical interface with mouse, windows and icons (what for the time was a great innovation) according to Steve Jobs, that he engaged body and soul in the project, had to represent the revolution of the personal computer.

In 1980, three years before the market launch of the Lisa, Steve Jobs, was, however, expelled from the project by Michael Scott and Mike Markkula because it was accused of “breaking up” the team with which he worked, and “shipped” to care for the fledgling small project, the Macintosh.

As history teaches us, the brilliant founder of Apple was exploiting some of the basic ideas of the Lisa, to create a computer with graphical interface and mouse that won a wide audience, entering of law in the history of computing and redeeming the lukewarm reception reserved by the market at just the Lisa.

The Lisa (so named by Steve Jobs in honor of his daughter) was equipped with a processor Motorola 68000, 1 MB of RAM and 2 floppy disk drives 5.25", called "Twiggy", which can store up to 871 kB; the operating system (Lisa OS) was equipped with cooperative multitasking, and support for virtual memory, advanced features for the time, but the list price of $ 10,000, condemned this car to a flop that's terrible.

After being validated by Apple, the source code of the Lisa will be officially announced for 2018.

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