Apple Watch: the market share declines, the 90% prefer the Series 1


Published on Aug 31, 2018


With the news increasingly insistent side of the Apple Watch Series 4, we analyze sales data of current and which model users prefer.

The primacy of the global market for smartwatch is equal to that of the tablet, of course with respect to the numbers. Apple Watch first in the ranking regarding the market share of wrist-watches and smart iPad first in the ranking regarding the tablet. In particular, the Apple Watch (intended as a brand that embraces them all) has a 41% Market Share, behind there is a Fitbit which is very far away (21%). But it is not all gold that glitters, because even though the Cupertino company is undoubtedly the one that produces and sells more smartwatch, its share starts to decrease year-on-year.

Colleagues from Counterpoint Research have calculated as the share fell 7%, going from 48% in the second quarter of 2017 to 41% in the second quarter of 2018. But where did these 7 percentage points? It seems to have earned the Fitbit that has captured even more passing (always taking into account the second-quarter last year and this year) from 8% to 21%.

And then another report says a situation that is sort of strange now in 2018: 90% of those who want to buy a Apple Watch goes on the Series 1 instead of the latest 3 Series, also because you will save considerably. The percentage decreases considerably for those who want the model with cellular connectivity, this has caused Apple 3-Series is the only choice.

Despite the outcry, the initial and the spread of the Apple Watch Series 3, based on the cell model in the first two quarters, Apple users are actually choosing even the 1 Series as an option on the non-mobile compared to the model not the mobile phone of the 3 Series that surprised many observers. It also demonstrates that Apple users choose the 3-Series as a single choice if you want to add cellular connectivity, otherwise the 1-Series remains the most popular model that assigns in the second quarter of 2018, almost all with 90% of the preferences. While this is good for Apple from a perspective of mere numbers, from the point of view of the average selling price is not the same thing. For the company, the gain is less than what you would expect with the new iPhone models each year.

Of course, close to the launch of Series 4, the data may well soon change in favor of the latter, also because of the rumors, the most persistent claim that there will be a net cut of the frames, in the wake of the iPhone X but – of course – without Notch!

Source: 9to5mac

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