Apple Watch set 4: larger display, same size | Concept


Published on Jul 12, 2018


Apple Watch series 4, shows a new concept based on new forecasts Kuo among which appears a larger display and new sensors without sacrificing the small size.

In another article we talked about the new forecast estimated by the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo about the devices that Apple will unveil next September, in addition to the three models of the iPhone. Today let's talk about the Apple Watch thanks to these Concept made by @Geskin, which show that that is the characteristic more waiting on the new version, which is the display that will mount an OLED Panel is wider than the 15% thanks to the use of rounded corners iPhone style X, and to the remarkable reduction of the edges surrounding.

The size of the smart-watch will remain exactly the same, so we'll see again the already patented versions from the 38 mm and 42 mm on a whole new role, moving from the current 1,31" and 1.54" for the respective 1,57" and 1.78".

The new displays will allow for a better user experience thanks to new gestures, a Force Touch improved, and the ability to view a greater number of content from the higher dimensions. It may also be used the new technology of micro-LED's that would make the component much more thin and light, improving at the same time, resolution, color, and contrast over that weigh less on battery and performance.

According to Kuo, the display will not be the only novelty introduced by the next generation of the Apple Watch, the analyst provides an update to the system that allows you to monitor the heartbeat, which, unlike the models seen so far, it can do so continuously thanks to the use of new diodes, photosensitive and LED green enhanced payments are made, alternately, infrared light depending on the activity.

In addition to the energy savings introduced by the new components and a new side button with haptic feedback that will allow you to save additional space, the Apple Watch series 4 will mount a battery with longer life but it also speaks of a new sensor able to monitor instantaneously the electrical activity of the heart by placing two fingers on opposite sides of the device to highlight any irregularities in the heartbeat.



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