Apple Watch Series 4: the first Hands-on are very positive – bigger is better!


Published on Sep 13, 2018


Are not so many reasons to convince an owner of the iPhone X to switch to the new iPhone XS. Despite the improvement in hardware, smartphones are almost identical. Well-motivated, it could be the step or otherwise the purchase of an Apple Watch Series 4.

The differences compared to the past there are. You part from the size, with a case 40mm (suitable for women) and 44mm (for men). We also find a larger screen with edges that are reduced and therefore a greater number of viewable pixels. All this has made sure that Apple rewrote completely the gui interface that now appears to be more rich, starting from the Quadrants.

That were included with the new quadrants that can display a wealth of information and the complications together. The new chip, the S4 now is dual-core 64-bit, then for the first time, this tiny device makes the leap and manages to turn applications more powerful by spending less energy. We find the dials are dynamic, and even a silver pen that works as the application “Breathes”.

The Apple Watch Series 4 feels more modern, a gold finish and a lower part in black ceramic. The crown digital has been updated by adding a feedback haptico, a small vibration that comes into action each time the turn, giving us even more the feeling of movement and precision.

With this smartwatch, for the first time in the world, is provided the ability to perform an electrocardiogram in an independent way, directly from the owner. A new application will take care of everything: we will not have to do anything other than wear the watch and keep a finger on the crown digital. All the data (obtained in 13 seconds) are transcribed on the iPhone within the graphs, and saved as a PDF that can be shared with a doctor. The reliability of this instrument is very high so as to have received the approval from the FDA, and the association of medical american.

Also this model supports cellular data, which enable it to operate autonomously even without an iPhone paired, to listen to your music streaming, receive and make calls and much more. Also the 3 Series had this feature but not in Italy. With the 4 Series instead, Apple has managed to find an agreement with Vodafone, then we will be able to take advantage of the SIM virtual in our Country.

It is a device that is like and will likely sell well. Here's the video:

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