Apple Watch Series 4: how to choose the right model between 40 and 44 millimeters


Published on Sep 17, 2018


This year the new Apple Watch have finally a different design than in the past. Apple has decided to introduce two new models with different dimensions. Instead of 38 and 42 mm were introduced, Apple Watch 40 and 44 mm. Which model should I buy?

Let's start from a fundamental aspect in the choice between the model 40 and 44 mm: there are no feature differences between the two Apple Watch. Both models will have all of the features presented by Apple with the same hardware. Autonomy, while having different size of the battery, it does not change according to data released by Apple on the official website.

Apple on the official website recommend the purchase of an Apple Watch, 40 mm instead of 44 mm according to the circumference of your wrist. In particular, here are the parameters provided by the company from Cupertino for buyers:

Going to analyze the technical specifications in detail, we can find some data really interesting, that we can help you in choosing the model to buy. These data may be particularly useful as a parameter of comparison to those who already own an Apple Watch 3 Series.

As you can see from the image above, the display surface is changed compared to the old models, having a shell which is largest and one the screen without the edges. The Apple Watch Series 4, 44 mm is undoubtedly that of the surface of the larger display. The interesting comparison is between the model and 42-millimeter Apple Watch in the 3 Series and the model by 40 mm of the Apple Watch Series 4. As you can see, the display of the smallest model of the Series 4 has a larger surface area than the display of the largest model in the 3 Series. Those currently have an Apple Watch 3 Series from 42 millimeters may then opt for a Series 4, 40 mm, without give up the space on the screen.

By increasing the size of the body with the models, Series 4, Apple has been able to reduce the thickness of the Apple Watch Series 4. In the image below, we see how the thickness has been reduced to 0.7 mm, both for the model from 40 to 44 millimeters.

So if you like a Apple Watch Series 3 to 38 mm with its light weight, you might not feel a big change with the transition to the model by 40 mm of Series 4, having the latter a thickness of less than.

Finally, we would like to propose the data related to the resolution of the display, which are linked clearly to the surface of the screen mentioned above. As for the surface, the model 42 mm Series 3 has a resolution lower than the model by 40 mm of Series 4.

If you want to be sure of the choice of the model finally, we recommend you wait for the release on the market of the new Apple Watch Series 4. From the 21st of September in fact, you can try the new models in the Apple Store and in the shops of technology.

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