Apple Watch, Series 3: the model LTE does not support roaming


Published on Sep 15, 2017


The Apple Watch Series 3 has limits rather annoying with regards to the roaming, in the version cellular. If ever you arrive in Italy, it will not be possible to exploit the free-roaming european.

Information is not too reassuring to those who hoped to buy an Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE connectivity (maybe when available in Italy) and then be able to use abroad due to roaming free in the EU. From what appeared in the network, the new smartwatch of Cupertino will not be able to be used outside of the territory of origin of the SIM card coupled due to the lack of support for the roaming.

The greatest innovation of the Apple Watch Series 3 is the presence of support cellular networks LTE, and then the possibility to make it independent of the iPhone, maybe for training sessions or when you don't have your smartphone near. This new technology will allow us to use the e-SIM inside of it, along with the antenna is cellular that is present in the display of the smartwatch to make calls and use the internet as a network associated with the primary phone number on your iPhone coupled, clearly without the need to keep the two devices connected via Bluetooth.

A user of Reddit has asked the Apple support information on roaming and received a response rather particular. In short, as stated, the Apple Watch in the US version will not work with the carrier to European and vice versa. But the worst thing of all is that, for us europeans, it will not be possible to exploit the roaming free between the various member countries, lack that stride strong with the new regulation of the operators in Europe. In essence, Apple Watch Series 3 will only work in the country of origin of the SIM card.

Remember what has been presented regarding the Apple Watch during the Apple event and what are the prices and the models that are currently available.

The new Apple Watch Series 3 brings several innovations, starting from the standby: the mobile connectivity (LTE and UMTS). In substance, however, for our market the only differences compared to last year's model are these: new processor which is reported to be 70% faster, more efficient and capable of allowing Siri to provide spoken feedback to the requests, as on the iPhone, iPad and Mac. Still, this the altimeter.

The starting prices have been placed on 379 euro for the standard model is 38 mm and 409 euros for the standard model, 42 mm. For the model with LTE connectivity provided by eSIM, the cost is $ 399, but this will not be marketed in Italy, for the moment at least.

To be honest, in Italy we can not have the wide range of choice of the first versions of the Apple Watch, but we'll have to be satisfied. In Italy the new “lineup” of the Apple Watch Series 3 is reduced, in substance, to these four models, which are sold respectively in the configurations 38mm and 42mm. If we do not like the Sport model in one of the classic models, we will be able to give us the variant of the Nike and maybe some of strap most sought after. Beyond this, nothing more. We were cut off from the versions in steel and ceramic “edition”.

The Apple Watch 3-Series are already available on pre-order and will be on sale from 22 September. Updated the lineup of the earlier models with the disappearance of the Apple Watch Series 2 and the availability of only two models for the 1 Series, which starts from 279€.

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