Apple Watch Series 3: here is revealed the autonomy of the battery


Published on Sep 13, 2017


Following the announcement of the third series of the Apple Watch, which is equipped with LTE connectivity, Apple has revealed, finally, information concerning the autonomy of the device.

As evidenced by the page dedicated to the specifications of the battery, the Apple Watch, the Series 3 would (hypothetically) up to 18 hours, carrying out the daily activities, which include receiving notifications, the use of the various apps and 30 minutes of training.

In particular, these statistics are also the data regarding the model equipped with LTE connectivity: voice calls will have a duration of 3 hours in the event that the Apple Watch will be connected to the iPhone, and little more than an hour when connected to the LTE network. In the case in which the GPS will be active, the duration of the new smartwatch of Cupertino is set to 10 hours for workouts in the home environment, and about 5 hours for training outside of the home.

At the moment Apple has not released information regarding the autonomy in the case in which songs from Apple's Music are reproduced in streaming through the LTE connectivity.

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