Apple Watch has become the identity card of the students at the university of Alabama


Published on Jun 18, 2018


A university located in the state of Alabama has decided to replace it with the Apple Watch, the recognition of each student to take advantage of many services within the university.

The students of the University of Alabama who own an Apple Watch can use it as a device of recognition of the place of the traditional identity card! Yes, for some time, was trying all secretly, but now the time has come to try it in practice with the guys and girls of the academy.

But all this did not stop with just the recognition refers to first name, last name, sex, age, and a whole range of information that appear in the identity card of each one. And not stop for even a simple access via the badge from the outside of the structure. It will be your own and unique “laissez-passer” electronic that will take the boys and the girls to the dormitories, the premises have to buy dinner and eat it, enter the library and borrow the books to consult, etc.

The whole project is being overseen by Apple itself and includes a plan that will slowly expanding into other universities.

This, in the university of Alabama, is the pilot project that will allow Apple to collect a variety of information of how the service will work and especially if it will work well and will simplify the access, and the records of all days.

After all, the dean of the university in question, had initially nurtured doubts about the correct practice, but now – along with Apple – they gave away because he noticed that the technology is sufficiently adequate to ensure the correct order.

Also Apple is taking the advance agreements with other academies in the same grade to implement the same technology at the service of students.

Not so, however, you will only have the Watch and the identity cards standard for the recognition inside the structure?

No, anyone who has an iPhone will be able to use the new possibilities and of course, having also available the iphone of Apple, you will have a higher percentage of students, who will receive the new, fast method of recognition.

Of course, all the work to merit a completely free software and Apple will further develop the function once the data was collected the university of Alabama.

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