Apple vs. Qualcomm, three judgments may lead to an agreement


Published on Jun 11, 2018


The long dispute between Apple and Qualcomm seems destined to end, saw that recently have been filed 50 separate proceedings in 16 jurisdictions and 6 different countries.

In these proceedings, Apple accuses Qualcomm of having imposed unfair conditions for the use of its processors, while Qualcomm accuses Apple of violating several patents. Recently, lawsuits have expanded to 6 different countries, but this aspect might push the two companies to find an agreement.

The three sentences the most awaited are those of the respective courts in the United States, Germany and China. Even if no single case will resolve all, these decisions may speed up the will of the two companies to reach an agreement.

The judgment in the United States is expected in the next few weeks. There, Qualcomm is asking to prohibit the import of all the iPhone 7 are not equipped with the chip Qualcomm. The court in Mannheim, Germany, must also decide whether to prohibit the sale in the land of the iPhone that use Intel chips, as it would violate the patents Qualcomm.

In China, however, the judges will decide on the request for Apple to invalidate the patents that Qualcomm is trying to use against the company from Cupertino. All the decisions are expected in the next three months.

Even if Apple seems to be the one who risks the most (block sales in the USA and in Germany), the stakes are also high for Qualcomm, since the risk is to lose hundreds of patents in a market as important as that chinese.

This situation is expected to speed up an agreement between the two companies. Remember that Qualcomm and Apple are in months are the protagonists of a tough legal battle. It all started with a complaint from Apple, in which it asserted that Qualcomm had requested payments for royalties for patents not held any right, coming to ask for up to $ 1 billion to ensure the supply of the processors in the baseband of the iPhone. In total, Qualcomm would have “extorted” to Apple 1 billion dollars, now the company requires in the lawsuit filed in the past few months. Apple accuses Qualcomm has unlawfully increased the prices compared to the competition, playing on the not true, says Apple royalties. In practice, lawyers of Apple, Qualcomm has used its “monopoly power” to not respect the commitments FRAND (those that oblige to grant some patents that are considered industry standards in a manner that is fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory) , then pay royalties much higher. The against the lawsuit filed by Qualcomm denies these accusations and speaks of the simple will of the company to Cupertino to have lower costs of license..

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