Apple stresses that iTunes is not dead, it is only been divided


Published on Jun 07, 2019


Apple stresses that iTunes is not dead, it is only been divided

Apple has published a support document that describes what will happen to iTunes when macOS Catalina will be officially released.

Apple explains that, despite the absence of iTunes, all your features will be available in a trio of new apps included in macOS Catalina. The company offers a list of where you will find the popular features of iTunes:

The music that you have imported, copied from a CD, downloaded as MP3S or purchased will be moved to the new Music app.

the iTunes Store, to purchase new music with the traditional system by keeping physically, even offline, will be available in the Music app to purchase music on Mac, iOS, PC, and Apple TV.

You can subscribe and take advantage of Apple's Music directly from the Music application, in the first tab at the top of the left sidebar.

Buy Movies and tv shows can be done from the application Apple TV. For audiobooks instead we have to use the Apple app Books. In both applications will also be content that you have purchased.

Backup, restore and synchronization of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod will be located in the Finder. You simply connect a device to view it as a sort of external hard drive and a screen similar to the one in the previous iTunes.

The podcasts you're subscribed to or have you added to iTunes will now be in the new Podcasts app from Apple.


Gift cards, iTunes credits, and iTunes will be kept and can be used with all the new apps and the App Store.

Apple also reiterates that the user library will automatically advance to the respective app. “Your entire media library will automatically find a new home and a transition,“ says Apple.

Pr regarding the purchase of music through the iTunes Store, Apple detects again that the iTunes Store will be available in the same form in which it is located now, and will be accessible through the side bar in the Music app. It also reaffirms that the synchronization of the device will move to the Finder:

All the ways in which to manage devices in iTunes will appear in the Finder in macOS 10.15. Your sync settings and the previous backup in iTunes will be stored on your Mac after upgrading to macOS Catalina. Now that the devices appear in the Finder, it is also easy to drag and drop the files you want to transfer all in one place.





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