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Published on Jul 24, 2018


There we are! The Apple Square Liberty, one of the store of the company, the most beautiful in the world, has opened the doors for a private event dedicated to the press, waiting for the official inauguration that will take place on the 26th of July. Here's our preview images.

The outer part of the new Apple Square Liberty is something magnificent: a large fountain which is the entrance to the store proper, which is accessed down a flight of stairs, in full Apple style.

The shop was built entirely under the outdoor amphitheatre, with a sale easily accessible by walking along a scale located between the two waterfalls that are part of the fountain outside.

The first flagship Apple in Italy, therefore, in all its beauty, both external and internal. The crystal walls 8 metres high are the veritable container of water, but during the evening things are changing, because the steps of the piazza can accommodate spectators, and the glass walls turn into a large screen on which to project films and videos of various types.

The project was designed by Norman Foster, and provides a great structure that takes you inside the Apple Store. All around, the trees and the square media, which will broadcast the film and will be the centerpiece of the entire structure, with the goal of making the store a point of reference for the cultural activities of the city.

The interior is reminiscent of the design of the latest Apple Store made all over the world, with so much green, the new Forum, and a lot of wood in the beautiful view. The scale is true and just the roof. Here are our pictures:


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