Apple reveals the emoji most used in the USA


Published on Nov 03, 2017


Among the variety of emoji available on iOS and macOS, what is the most used? To say it is an Apple, which has revealed the 10 emoji the most used in the United States inside of a public document dedicated to privacy.

Even though this report refers only to the USA, the ranking is very similar in most parts of the world. The first place among the emoji the most used on iOS and macOS are “Tears of Joy”, the smiley face laughing with tears in my eyes. Second place for the heart, followed by the emoji that is crying from the face with the little hearts and the kiss. Among the top 10, we also find the emoji of a skull.

As you can see from the graph above, the emoji of a face laughing with tears in my eyes triumphs over all other, also because usually is repeated multiple times in a single message...

This chart is part of a broader privacy policy document published differential a few hours ago Apple.

Apple does know using the privacy of the differential to protect the identity of the user, obtaining at the same time, information that serve to improve the intelligence and usability of iOS and macOS as:

With the privacy differential, Apple may collect and store the data of its users in a format that allows it to have information on what people do, how they do it and what they want. But Apple may not know information about a single individual. And no one, neither the hacker nor agencies of the government, would never be able to do it on the Apple software. Through an appropriate algorithm, Apple collects data into groups, and uses this statistical information to improve its software, but without knowing anything about individual users. It is a known science, which makes it mathematically impossible to access the data of the individual users.

In practice, the data collected by Apple are handled in a differential way, by means of three types of transformations:

This technology is used from the iOS 10, to help Apple to find out how to use the operating system by the users. This will allow the company to know the habits of the users and their needs, in a completely anonymous manner, so that we can improve the overall experience of using the software.

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