Apple removes App from the App Store all the apps Stickers for Whatsapp


Published on Nov 18, 2018


Recently Whatsapp has introduced support for the Stickers and the option to add new ones through the integrated store, but also via an add-on available in the App Store.

In a first period, controls Apple have made it pass these applications, but then they were deleted and will not be accepted.

Apple has provided his reasons in this regard:

The applications included the installation of Stickers in Whatsapp violate the Terms and Conditions of the App Store. In particular, the tools are all similar, and then the applications go to clone herself between them. In addition, you should install applications that then act on other applications that must be installed beforehand and this is not granted. Each app must be able to work alone and in its uniqueness it must be actually useful.

In short, nothing more packages of Stickers Whatsapp to distribute in the App Store. If you are using, you can add to the other only through the Store integrated into the application, so the choice will restrict what developers will decide to appear.

And you used the Stickers on Whatsapp?

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